Catalonia’S Campaign Starts With Judges

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The campaign that began in Catalonia on Thursday may be the most uncertain in democracy. Although all parties voted for it, the February 14 vote remains to be confirmed. The final decision depends on the decision of the court. It will be eight days before the Catalan high court decides whether to agree to the government approved extension or whether to allow some political parties and citizens to appeal against the new electoral timetable in their personal capacity. The independent party is also waiting for the prosecution to appeal the government’s decision to award the third prize to the independent leader in prison.

The third level prison, also known as semi free prison, makes it easier for imprisoned political leaders to participate in the election campaign of their respective parties. Although they are not candidates for these elections, their presence may help to mobilize separatist votes. If the prosecutor’s office appeals the semi liberal decision again, it will also provide ammunition for the Separatists, who will not hesitate to wave the so-called flag of national political repression in this movement.

Separatists also judicialized election dates as part of the so-called crusade against independence and Catalan institutions. The government and all parties except the PSC have agreed to a new electoral timetable to peak the third wave of coronavirus. A number of non parliamentary parties and individuals have appealed against the decree setting 30 may as a new election date. ERC and junts both believe that it is the socialist talents who are really behind these resources, hoping to protect the impact of the decision to make former health minister Salvador illa the head of the PSC cartel.

The campaign started with small-scale activities, which were almost closed due to the limitations of the epidemic, with the presence of Social Democratic Party, people’s party and civic leaders. Pedro s á nchez, who supported the socialist presidential candidate, Salvador illa, focused his campaign on a “agenda of reunion” to overcome the independence process. If Sanchez demands to forget the mistakes and quarrels that occurred during the trial, the former Minister stressed that in order to overcome the confrontation and restore Catalonia’s economic and social leadership in Spain, it is necessary to abandon the words “good Catalonians and bad Catalonians”.

So far, the campaign has become a campaign against Iraq, where ah Fen left at the height of the epidemic. Catalonia’s junts per Catalunya, with Laura Borr á s as the presidential candidate, is the only guarantee of an independent government, while ERC wants to show that it is a key political party with the ability to reach agreements with multiple gangs. Because of the cross veto power with the house of Commons, pdecat, cup and junts themselves, this idea can not be realized for the time being. New integrationists and Republicans insist that they are not considering a deal with the PSC.

Esquire announced his election plan. The 187 page text reflects the paradigm shift faced by Republicans in order to achieve independence, and advocates amnesty for political prisoners. ERC insists that it agrees with the idea of a referendum, but maintains that if the central government “insists” on rejecting it, it will open the door to a unilateral path, he clarifies, which requires extensive electoral and institutional support to be effective. ERC’s election plan said: “we believe that the agreed referendum is the best case, because they believe it is an option that produces more guarantees and” immediate international recognition. “. The central government has always closed the door to this possibility, which is not included in the constitution, and therefore ruled out celebration. Republicans believe that “we should be ready for a referendum without consent.”. This is an idea put forward at the party’s last political conference.

Republicans warn that this is not the situation they want, but they insist that “if the refusal to negotiate on the referendum continues,” everything could “lead to unilateral independent action.”. They added that this situation requires “majority support” and its effectiveness will depend on the accumulation of support not only from voters but also from “institutional, social, economic and media”.

ERC puts this possible unilateral approach into a non violent framework and considers it an “effective and democratic” tool. “We can’t give up the unilateral route, because to do so, considering what the country of Spain is like, is to give up independence,” the election plan said. The world cup is planned to hold a new referendum in 2025. Anti capitalists held a rally in Girona, where their leader, Dolors sabater, declared full sovereignty under the slogan of “a new cycle for each guanyar” and warned them that they could not enter “autonomous government” as they are now. Anti capitalists are fueling this possibility, but their political Committee revised its strategy this weekend.

Leaders and citizens of the National People’s party will participate in these elections, for which all state parties have key strategic significance. On Thursday, they have paved the way for their presidential candidate, who will play an important role in the campaign. Paul cassado will fight seven times and ines will fight 13 times. The popular leader paved the way for his candidate Alejandro fern á ndez in Barcelona, with the participation of two signers on his list, former citizen Lorena Roldan and EVA Parera on the platform of Manuel Valls. Casado believes that “only the people’s party can guarantee real change in Catalonia”, because just as the socialists and ERC reached a budget agreement, “if they increase the budget on February 14, El Salvador IRA will do the same.”.

The people put forward two main lines in their speech on February 14: on the one hand, they attacked the PSC candidate, accusing him that if he could, he would reissue a tripartite document, which was denied by the socialist party and ERC. On the other hand, harmony between Catalonians and the autonomous region must return to Catalonia, and it must restore its economic vitality, which is affected by the lawsuit. Cassado claimed that the BJP is a “harmonious and coexisting party, but with very clear principles”, and accused the government and vox. The people’s leader announced that the people’s party would “condemn their support for El Salvador IRA’s campaign at the inauguration ceremony of the Ministry of health and the Ministry of territorial policy” to the Central Election Commission, and “use Moncloa” or the twitter account of the Ministry of the interior. He also criticized the far right party, which is fighting for the vote of the Spanish right in Catalonia because it abstained in the house of Representatives on Thursday to allow the government to pass a law on European funds. Casado equated the independents with “left radicals and right-wing extremists”, referring to vox as part of the “two pincers” that crushed Spain, and accused vox of saving “one client plan” from the government.

Citizens also put PSC in their spotlight. The leader of the party, ines arrimadas, accompanied the leader of the list, Carlos Carrizosa, first in a cable car and then on a patio in Barcelona with thousands of digitally connected subsidiaries. Alimadas insisted that the PSC would reach an agreement with the independents to demand a vote for his party. “We can’t rely on some so-called constitutional parties, as we have done many times in the past, through which ERC will be appointed as the head of health or media in Catalonia,” he said.

The party that won elections in Catalonia in 2017 took part in these elections, and its message turned to harmony among Catalonians, known as “turning the page on litigation.”. While stressing this message, the CS leader called for a vote to change the government and let Catalans “re embrace.”.