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2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Last Christmas, shortly after agreeing to be chairman of the PSC in the upcoming Catalan elections, El Salvador IRA began to promise from his friend maurici Lucena I betriu (Barcelona, 1975) that if he was elected president, he would accompany him as vice president of the government for economic affairs. Then, at the end of the Reyes Festival, IRA informed Pedro Sanchez and Jose Luis abalos, the Minister of transport, which is run by AENA, the current chairman of Lucena, that they would have to give up if the goal was achieved. One after another knows that this task is very complicated, because in the political courtyard of Catalonia, it is difficult to imagine that the PSC can not have the support of another or other forces. Therefore, if so, it seems logical to think that there will be more than one vice president. Finally, the appointment is conditional.

Lucena is happy that under the leadership of the airport manager, the pandemic has prevented him from completing and handling many projects. But he couldn’t turn down the PSC and his running mates and friends, who waited until the eve of the campaign to announce the news. “He is famous here (Catalonia) and in Madrid because of his talent and talent, his experience and solvency. He is a recognized economic manager. “He couldn’t be better,” he said at an event introducing his project to representatives of Catalonia’s economic and social structure.

Lucena has been passionate about politics and public affairs since he was a child, and in fact has been the chief of staff of Barcelona’s city hall since he went with his father to a party with Pasqual maragall’s friends. Therefore, he could not refuse a proposal to help correct Catalonia, which he believed was drifting. He was chosen to restore economic confidence in a piece of land, and he could not fail to live up to the land in his heart, even though he spent most of his 45 years in Madrid.

As a person who is very concerned about intelligence and education, he did not hesitate to move to the capital. After receiving his degree in economics from Pompey fabra University, he received his master’s degree in economics and finance from the center for monetary and financial research (CEMFI). At the prestigious academic institution of the Bank of Espa ó a, it has trained many young current leaders and appointed Julio Segura as a professor, which is one of his intellectual and economic references. With this title, he soon began to work in the office of solchaga, with close ties to former ministers Carlos solchaga and Claudio aranzadi, who are politicians he adores, such as Andreu MAS colell, the former government economic executive of the CIU.

Since 1999, he has been living in Madrid, dedicated to understanding the sources of power and familiar with the census in the capital, where he has made many friends and acquaintances. When Jos é Luis Rodr í Guez Zapatero came to LA Moncloa in 2004, he worked in solchaga’s office for five years and realized his dream. He has been appointed Director General of the CDTI under the Ministry of industry, and Jose é Montilla, leader of Catalonia’s PSC, will advise him in the 2010 government election.

Lucena has worked for CDTI for six years and is therefore president of the Council of the European Space Agency (ESA). From May 2010 to February 2012, he will be the executive vice president of isdefe, That year, he finished his first phase in Madrid and returned to Catalonia, finishing second in the 2012 PSC election led by Pere Navarro. He became a member of Parliament and was appointed spokesman for the socialist party in Parliament.

It was one of the worst periods of Catalan socialism, close to IRA, who won the reputation of the “liberal social democratic party.”. In 2015, when the Legislative Council ended prematurely and may decide to abandon political turmoil, he sought a life in the private sector and signed up at bank Sabadell, where he served as director of wealth and Prudential Management and director of prudential regulation and public policy.

Until July 2018, he received a phone call from Pedro s á nchez to take over the presidency of AENA, a double recognition of the current president’s loyalty to the desert and his confidence in financial and management skills. In the 2015 election, as the person in charge of industrial policy and competitiveness, the president took this into account. Under the leadership of the airport manager, he met with the country’s leading businessmen and participated in various forums.

He knew that he would face pressure from almost all political fronts of the opposition to step down, but he pledged that he would continue until the issue was resolved. Analysts believe that he managed very well. Prior to the explosion, the company set records for passengers, revenue and profits. He was also the first listed company in the world to approve the submission of its climate plan to the shareholders’ meeting, which made him on the front page of the financial times, which undoubtedly encouraged him to establish a sustainable development, innovation and customer experience authority directly dependent on him.

He did a good job in academia. He is an associate professor at Carlos III University and the author of looking for the magic ointment. Industrial and innovation policies are effective, not ineffective (Antoni Bosch press, 2013), and he is the coordinator of Rafael repelo’s economic and economic policy paper, saluting Julio Segura (Antoni Bosch, 2013).