The National High Court Granted A Suspended Sentence To Eta Trotinho, Who Suffered From An Incurable Disease.

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

The National High Court has decided to suspend the long-standing sentence of Etara Antonio trotinho, who is currently serving a sentence in estemera prison in Madrid for his incurable illness. Prison supervision judge Mar í a de Los Reyes jimeno took the action after receiving a recommendation from the prison treatment board and approval from the prosecutor’s office. According to an order on Tuesday, the judge stressed that terrorists are currently receiving treatment “Palliative” and “never cured”; their imprisonment may constitute “a single factor that can lead to a reduction in their life expectancy”.

“In accordance with the principles of humanity and respect for human dignity required by our legal system, it is necessary to obtain conditional sick leave,” stressed by the decision taken by the judge on 11 January after approving the promotion from one third to three, The compulsory requirement of giving the latter benefits. At that time, judge Jos é Luis Castro had emphasized that “critically ill prisoners with incurable diseases… Can be divided into three levels for humanitarian and personal dignity reasons because of the difficulty and low risk of committing crimes”.

Trotinho, 63, is currently sentenced to five years, 11 months and 29 days in prison for joining a terrorist organization. In 2018, the National High Court sentenced him to return to ETA after being wrongly released in 2011, when he took the opportunity to flee to the UK, was arrested in 2012 and extradited in 2017. Before that, he had been jailed for more than 20 years for 22 murders and other crimes. According to the prison supervisor’s estimate, he will serve his sentence in November 2022.

Etxerat, a group of ETA prisoners’ relatives, issued a press release on Wednesday announcing that troitino had informed her lawyer that she would refuse chemotherapy until she was released on Tuesday. “In his view, it is not feasible to continue to do so mentally and physically under conditions of imprisonment. In the past few days, his health has deteriorated seriously. “He was sent to hospital for chemotherapy for the first time and then sent back to prison,” the association said.

Judge Mary Delos Reyes gimeno granted etala a suspended sentence, but imposed a series of conditions on her. Among other things, he / she must be in the custody of a family member, who is responsible for the care and supervision of him / her; he / she must establish a residence and prohibit him / her from leaving his / her province; he / she must appear every 15 days in order to “report and prove his / her activities”. It is also prohibited from “participating in any memorial or public activities held in memory of him or other members of the terrorist organization ETA” and from “any form of interview, statement or media appearance”.