The Defense Ministry Said There Was “No Time” Not To Vaccinate Troops Sent To Romania

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

The defense ministry said 130 NATO air police forces deployed at the Mikhail cogarnicenu Air Force Base in Romania last week had “no time” to be vaccinated. According to the vaccination plan formulated by the general health inspection agency of the Ministry of Defense (igesan), troops sent abroad are the second priority group after military health personnel.

The first military personnel to receive Pfizer’s biotech vaccine were the crew of the amphibious assault ship castilia, which is scheduled to sail from rota naval base at the end of January to take part in the anti piracy operation of Atlanta in India. The sailors received their first injection on January 8, so there was enough time for a second injection 21 days later before sailing.

On the other hand, the troops sent to Romania have left in two batches in the past 20 and 26 days, so there must be three weeks between one dose and the other before they leave. The Department of defense could have delivered the second batch of vaccines by air, just as it would have delivered vials by military aircraft to civilians in xiuda, melilia, Balearic and Canary Islands, Because of logistical problems, they may not be able to get a second dose of vaccine, so they choose not to get it. Now, the Department of defense is considering vaccination in the area of operations with the support of U.S. personnel deployed in the Romanian base.

The withdrawal of unvaccinated troops has sparked heated controversy over the resignation of general Miguel Angel villarroya, the former chief of defense staff, on Saturday. At the Department of defense staff, a vaccination plan has been implemented, which takes into account the age and maximum or minimum vulnerability of staff in each unit, but does not wait for the most exposed groups (health personnel, mission personnel, emergency medical teams) to be vaccinated before entering the next unit.

The air force has been involved in NATO’s air police mission in the Baltic States for nearly 20 years, but this is the first time NATO has done so in the Black Sea, where tensions with Russia escalated after the Crimea annexation (2014) and the Ukraine war. 130 soldiers and six European fighters from 11 wings of moron border base in Seville will participate in the monitoring of Romanian airspace from February 1 to March 31.

During Christmas, covid-19 broke out at a NATO base in Latvian. The Spanish army and Navy Association (atme) reported that 40 soldiers were still infected and more than 100 soldiers were isolated in unstable conditions despite the very cold weather. The general staff of the Ministry of defense denied that it had spread among Spaniards, but admitted that the epidemic had forced some soldiers to delay their return on January 15.