More Than A Dozen Earthquakes Hit Grenades In The Middle Of The Night.

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

The ground in Granada is moving again. At 21:36 on Tuesday, earthquakes of magnitude 4.3 and 4.1 struck Santa Fe and Georgina, near the capital of Granada, according to provisional records from the National Geographic Institute. This is the first in a series of earthquakes that are clearly visible in the city and most of its metropolitan areas, with a total population of about 500000.

According to ign data, between 21.36 and 22.18, there were 10 earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 2.9. As a result of violence and continuous unrest, many families have been uprooted and, despite curfews, paradoxically, they seek refuge outdoors.

Tonight was a series of earthquakes that lasted more than a week in Grenada and its metropolitan areas. In the past 10 days, the region has suffered more than 100 earthquakes, the strongest of which occurred on Saturday, when 4.4 earthquakes occurred in Santa Fe, a few kilometers away from the capital, causing some damage to houses and other buildings.

According to the Grenada earthquake risk emergency plan, the military government of Andalusia declared a state of emergency in the province at 23:30 p.m. on Tuesday. This means that, as explained by the board of auditors, special monitoring and research of earthquake events are being carried out and the public and the authorities responsible for civil protection are being informed, even if there are no casualties or related material losses.

Government president Pedro Sanchez called for calm. “Several earthquakes have made the grenades vibrate again tonight. I care about thousands of people. It’s time to stay calm and follow the instructions of emergency services. “Let’s believe they’ll be back to normal soon,” he tweeted.

Juan Manuel Moreno, chairman of Andalusia’s board, also tweeted about the ongoing earthquake in Granada province. “There were just a few aftershocks tonight, and some in Malaga. The 112 emergency centre in Andalusia is always on call. ” 112 Andalusia confirmed that it had received calls from more than 300 different locations in Granada related to the earthquake, some of them from the provinces of Jain and Malaga.

Grenada mayor Luis El Salvador (citizen) also called for calm. El Salvador said in a statement that citizens should remain calm after “hard days” because only those who have experienced an earthquake at home know how it feels. The first edil acknowledged that the Grenadines family was going through “unnecessary punishment”, although they had to be asked to “maximize cooperation and peace”. He also called on people to stay at home and comply with the information provided. El Salvador also pledged that the agencies were coordinated and “consistent with [emergency] arrangements”. “It’s quieter than ever,” the mayor insisted

Since Saturday’s earthquake, many earthquakes have been recorded, some of which can be detected, but none is as strong and continuous as Tuesday night. The order of the latter caught people’s attention because it started with cruelty and its duration was extended by a few seconds without official measurement. University of Granada researcher Jes ú s Galindo zaldivar explained on Tuesday that when the activity of a fault produces a domino effect and triggers the activity of other nearby faults, these seismic movements are triggered.

From December 1, 2020 to this Monday, 281 earthquakes were recorded, Experts attribute the recent earthquake activity of Vega in Granada to the fact that the distance between the Eurasian plate and the African plate is nearly four to five millimeters per year. In particular, due to this movement between plates, the energy accumulated in the faults is suddenly released.

In Santa Fe (15200 residents), there have been several recent earthquakes. There, Mar Salas, the boss of a natural products company, decided to take to the streets as soon as he saw the second one. “We only lived for one second and nothing fell in the house, but part of the office ceiling in our company’s warehouse fell on the computer. “The exact damage will be known tomorrow,” he said on the phone He claims that most of the residents of his area are outdoors. “People’s fear of the earthquake has surpassed the fear of cowid,” he points out.

Luis Pablo fern á ndez PI nianar and his family live in seralo, the capital of Granada. They took to the streets “quickly” to catch up with the car and went to a low rise residential area at the junction of Granada and Hu ó r Vega city in order to be protected from the weather.

Ignacio Guerrero, an assembler, lives in June, near the most obvious area of the earthquake. “We have at least four earthquakes. One is longer than the other, about three seconds, “he said on the phone. Her 8-year-old daughter started screaming, but her 11 year old daughter laughed after her initial fear. The girls’ grandmother, who lives on the eighth floor of a block on Ronda Road, one of the capital’s largest streets, saw how the strong vibration threw some items off the shelves.

In the house, you can see the vibration clearly. The apartment of Basque journalist Silvia L ó PEZ de la calle, who lives in Granada, is on the fifth floor. The little picture fell off the wall. “Tonight’s game is more intense than usual, the same as the previous two days, but shorter.” It was thrown into the street, the Malaga highway, where about 10 people gathered near each entrance. One of them was wearing pajamas with the little girl, and she said she wanted to sleep in the car. Other neighbors nearby, Rachana, gathered on the balcony for an explanation.