I Want A Strong Spain That Is United And Proud Of Diversity

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

The PSC’s second minister in charge of territorial policy, Miquel iceta, who is Pedro s á nchez’s government chairman, announced the country’s diversification at a portfolio handover ceremony with the new health minister, Carolina darias, on Wednesday. Both men had previously promised to take the oath of office to King Philip VI at Zazuela palace in the absence of journalists, as the protocol provided for the presence of government president Pedro Sanchez and justice minister Juan Carlos Campo as the Kingdom’s chief notaries. “I want Spain to be united and proud of diversity. One day before the Catalan campaign, iceta said in its new mission, “there is no greater power than agreements and contracts.”.

Iceta is one of the few politicians in Spain who has the ability to raise the same concerns in extreme independence and right-wing montaraz. After breaking with the sovereign soul of Catalan socialists, he rebuilt the PSC, held high the banner of dialogue and reunion, and proposed the establishment of a federal state as a substitute for proses’ adventure, which aroused strong criticism from nationalists on both sides. The leader of the Catalan Socialist Party expressed “commitment” to the constitution. He believed that the constitution “is a profound agreement between the Spaniards, which can be improved only through a strong agreement”. Moncro hopes to promote this message in a new stage. He did this after starting to say good morning in Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician: “I salute you in the Spanish language, and I love the diversity, diversity and unity of Spain.”

Honed in a thousand battles, which is why Sanchez defines him as “a political scholar” – when the president was a teenager, he had experience in moncro’s stomach – “no shock, invention or improvisation,” iceta said, His election is a response to the larger political dimension of the Ministry of territorial policy. His appointment is related to El Salvador IRA’s election for the Catalan Government: less than three weeks after the Catalan election on February 14. If the polls are successful, the election could break the political bloc of independents and constitutionalists.

“There is no more powerful force than agreements and contracts,” iceta said in a statement, which is the starting point for resolving the Catalan territorial crisis and tensions and differences in the joint management of government and community. “The president said that I am a person who agrees and a harmonious person. “My task is to cooperate, collaborate, coordinate and govern together,” concludes the new tenant at Palacio de villabeso.

Darius spoke before him. “We have gone through difficult times, we have worked hard to implement some exciting projects, taking into account the development of our country, working side by side with autonomous regions, local authorities, parliaments and lobbying groups (…) you will always have me at your disposal,” he reiterated before leaving his new destination As Minister of health.

The event was attended by heavyweights from the majority partners of the government, such as the president of the national assembly and PSC representative Meritxell batt, who was the Prime Minister of territorial policy after Pedro s á nchez’s no confidence motion against Mariano Rajoy was successful in June 2018; Jos é Luis Á balos, The Minister of transport and Secretary of the PSOE organization, iceta called it “friends”; the interior minister, Fernando grand maraska, and the new minister called it “friends and neighbors.”. Reyes maroto, Minister of industry, and Teresa cunillera, another historical figure in the PSC and representative of the Catalan government, also attended the meeting, and iceta hoped that she would “as she knows.”.

But once again, it’s El Salvador IRA. The campaign began on Thursday, but has been around the former health minister since he announced his candidacy on December 30, replacing iceta. “I’m asked to be careful, I’m not in an election campaign, we’re talking about the profession of public service, putting the public interest above the staff. That’s why it’s a good time to talk about El Salvador IRA: it teaches us how to do public work with dignity and effectiveness at a very complex time, “iceta stressed. The new minister also stressed that he would be “committed to cooperation and harmony” to succeed him as the cartel leader in the election scheduled for February 14. Ichetta also reviewed the work done by Almunia and Sevilla before him: “his work has to inspire me.”

The former Minister of health and the PSC candidate left the “emotionally complex” portfolio after a year and 14 days until it was considered a mild epidemic – together, we can reject the portfolio, and in the past six years, six PSOE and PP ministers have approved the portfolio– “The most complex moment,” his career in government, “I learned the value of public service and listened as much as I could. The epidemic has changed all the plans we have for the Ministry, “he admitted. According to CIS, the most popular presidential candidate recalled the legacy of Ernest luluch (1982-1986), the health minister killed by ETA: “the importance of his legacy – a universal and free public health system – has been fully revealed to me.”

In his farewell speech, IRA still maintained a moderate image and was not criticized by the opposition or even Manchester United because he left office at the peak of the third wave. He was not to blame in the last debate. On the contrary, it thanks the speaker of Parliament for his “contribution” and the health groups of all autonomous regions, especially the members of Parliament, for their work – it worked with 23 different people during the epidemic – but most importantly, it thanks them “in particular.”, To “all health workers in the broadest sense of the word.” From nurses and doctors to cleaners and cleaners. It also doesn’t forget the hygiene equipment manufacturers, such as respirators, when they are most in short supply or when the company stops producing auto made respirators. “Thank the president for trusting me to serve Spain at the Council of ministers. I am honored to serve Spain and work with you, we will defeat the virus, no doubt, “he said.

IRA, the former Minister of territorial policy, has determined her successor in the most sensitive group of the government with her “moderation” and “working ability”, They used the same term for the PSC candidate in filaz and ramoncloa, and he said he would follow the path of his predecessor in “strengthening joint decision-making.”. “Anticipation, quick response and coordination among all” will be the premise of your fight against Kovic. “I know that I will rely directly and responsibly on self-government advisers and, of course, the civil servants of our great fortress,” darias said. The Minister stressed that the vaccination process was “long and complex, but planned”. With regard to the house arrest demanded by some communities, which does not reflect the current state order, it does not seem to take this into account: “the fight against this epidemic is an endless war. We need to reduce the spread of the virus, and I believe we will succeed. We have the tools and the determination to achieve that. ” A third national authority, bate, also took part in the relay of the Ministry of health. Pablo Iglesias, second vice president of social rights, and Margaret Robles, Minister of defense, attended the ministerial meeting.