Fayo Accused Sanchez Of “At All Costs” Bypassing More Restrictions To Celebrate Catalonia

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Ten months after the global outbreak, xunta President Alberto Nu รจ EZ feijoo continued to blame the severity of Spain’s first wave on 8 million people and pointed out that the Catalan election was the cause of the current virus attack. As he said on the rostrum of Galicia parliament on Wednesday, Pedro Sanchez’s government played down the importance of coronavirus at the beginning of the health crisis “because it must be held on March 8”, and now “neither govern nor let govern” because “elections must be held in Catalonia at all costs”.

For weeks, feiyo has complained that the central government has lifted the restrictions by imposing an early curfew before 10 p.m. Unlike the Castilian and Leon committees, which are also in the hands of the people’s party, xunta refuses to be fully imprisoned, and bng, the main opposition party, does demand it in Galicia. Fayo said this was the opinion of 35 members of the health committee, who provided advice to him and called on “economic experts.”. He believes that another house arrest in Spain will mean “criminalizing departments free from infectious diseases” and accuses Anna ponton, the group’s leader, “of ignoring experts” from her comfortable seat “and” in her role as an epidemic commentator. “.

Ponton called fayo’s refusal to be placed under house arrest “political cowardice.”. Nationalist leaders accused him of the terrible results of “saving Christmas” because “it puts the economy above health.” he recalled that health experts inside and outside Galicia called for a family blockade to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Gonzalo Caballero, a spokesman for psdeg-psoe, said: “ElBaradei’s curfew debate is another excuse for the PP to confront the government.”. The socialist shaved the people’s leader’s beard, which he called a “sabotage” alert in October because “the aim is to save Christmas.”.

Fayo will travel to Ramon croya next Friday to meet with Sanchez and make several demands before the curfew. President Galicia believed that a “national consensus on teleworking” should be reached and called for a debate on the mandatory use of FFP2 masks. During his attendance at the Galicia parliament on Wednesday, fayo first announced that he would ask Sanchez to fulfill this obligation and develop a national strategy to address the possible “availability impact” and “cost” of the measure. However, he later stressed that he would only ask the president of the government to specify the need “at what threshold and under what circumstances”.

President Galicia will also ask Sanchez to distribute the vaccine among the communities according to the proportion of the population in this age group, and vaccinate people over 80 years old. As a result, he pointed out, Galicia would receive 8.2% of the dose, compared with 5% for other priority groups. Feijoo also called for changes in the allocation criteria for European funds. He denounced the central government’s “highest income” and “where parliamentary partners rule” communities as “always having the same income.”.