Castron’S Chief Prosecutor Resigned After Missing The Vaccination Program

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Another case of irregular vaccination, this time in the judicial field. Castron’s chief prosecutor, Jos é Luis custa, resigned after skipping the vaccination program and received his first coronavirus injection on January 11 at a health care center in castron, giving the remaining dose of the vaccine. The state attorney general’s office confirmed that Dolores Delgado, its head, accepted kusta’s resignation after discovering that the kovid-19 vaccination strategy did not meet the requirements.

The day before kusta’s resignation, the prosecutor’s office announced that it would thoroughly investigate all the allegations it had begun to make concerning violations of the kovid-19 vaccination process. However, the office of the prosecutor itself admits that the acts known so far are difficult for criminal prosecution.

On Wednesday, kusta spoke with Teresa gisbert, a senior prosecutor for the Valencia community, and the attorney general’s office through the prosecutor’s office. After talking to them, he agreed to submit his resignation, which was accepted by Delgado shortly after. In fact, gisbert also opened a government file to find out how his subordinates were vaccinated.

This is not the only investigation into this case. The Valencia Department of health also asked under what circumstances the former prosecutor, who is already castron’s chief prosecutor, was vaccinated. El Diario. Yeah. This process will determine whether his wife, who is the coordinator of a health center in the province, will affect Costa’s vaccination.

In November 2012, kusta was appointed director of the prosecutor’s office of castron Province, succeeding Javier Kassel. Five years later, in January 2018, kusta was re elected. The Committee of judges Castell ó n has been disputing the management of Costa, and has complained about its alleged interference “and improper treatment, lack of education, and even threat of litigation”. As shown in the minutes of the judge’s meeting.

The judge of Castell ó n referred the complaint to the Valencia Community High Court, which in turn referred it to the General Council of justice. The Standing Committee of the Security Council dealt with this issue last summer and confirmed receipt of a reply, as there was no formal request for constitutional protection.

One of the judges’ most serious complaints is whether, in 2020, Jose Luis cousta ordered the National Guard to investigate an alleged attack on a youth center, the attacker and victim of which were disabled people, At the time of closure, no complaints were received from the staff of the centre or the mothers of the victims. The lawsuit also requires them to turn themselves in as soon as possible to protect the victims and order them to be taken away. Kusta launched the investigation, but did not ask for preventive measures or consider it an urgent case, which took months to summon a judge.

Ten years ago, in June 2010, after losing the trust of his superior, Javier carceller, kusta was removed from office by the then state attorney general, Candido Conde pumpido, who was then the province’s chief prosecutor. He was suspended because he had filed two cases with prosecutors, one of which was resolved through sanctions.

The chief prosecutor’s resignation is not the only one on Wednesday. Chief prosecutor castron’s case is not the only one. The government of Valencia’s Department of health is investigating the vaccinations of another 200 people who are said to have been vaccinated in an inappropriate way, These include several mayors of pspv-psoe and PP Charge. The most recent one was Christina Morella, a socialist member of the health and Social Welfare Committee of the Denia City Council (Alicante), On January 12 last year, she and her husband received covid-19 vaccination at the mayor’s residence because she did not “waste” the dose.

At a news conference on Wednesday, edil tearfully confirmed her resignation from the city government, stressing that “it was a mistake” and that “she followed the instructions she thought were appropriate.”. Morella also said that despite his “sincerity”, his march was “the best for the mayor, the party and Denia”. “I followed some public health advice, but I shouldn’t, I don’t think it’s irregular, I didn’t say no,” he admitted.