The Candidate Has A High Capacity For Lace

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

“There is only one last push left, because the will to reach an agreement is very strong.” In 2014, the Spanish government health minister, Salvador illa, issued this statement, which may apply to any negotiations between social partners, parliamentary groups or political parties. He negotiated with the PSOE and, on behalf of the PSC, with other colleagues, including the current speaker of Congress, Merritt Searle bate. This agreement solves the most serious crisis that both sides have experienced in the past 20 years. Catalan socialists disobeyed the federal PSOE Committee and voted against Mariano Rajoy’s inauguration. The agreement between the two sides largely depends on the attitude of the negotiators. On the other hand, Elena Valencia and Mario simmennis.

It is this attitude that may lead to the pinnacle of opinion research among Catalan government candidates. He was admired by many people who would never vote in his name.

The impact of the election will be apparent in 20 days, but from now on, the ongoing assessment by health minister Carolina darias and land policy director Mikel iceta begins. The new national health official, like her predecessor, faces dialectical bombardment. For months, the Catalan politician has appeared in Congress every week, almost always delivering bad news. If there is any hope, the opposition will not know her. The good news is not news, but a very suspicious meeting.

The ability of the Minister of health to adapt to a pandemic must be part of his qualifications. Carolina Darius won’t be warmly welcomed. At a hearing on Thursday, he will have to make a string of accusations against his predecessor for leaving Congress uninvited. Her responsiveness will be the first test. Mikel iceta is not a neglected politician, but his role will be very different from that he has played for many years. For many years, the independent government of Catalonia has been attacked with its recognized dialectical efficiency. Now, he’ll be on the other side of the table.

Darias and ichetta will show their own style, which is restrained in principle, although it is difficult to achieve the style of their companion IRA. His biggest anger was to take off his glasses. It’s hard to get close to lace’s ability.