Psoe And We Can Bring Their Infidelity To Congress

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Infidelity is subjective. This is the opinion of members of the board of directors of our Federation and the opinion of PSOE in Congress. This is a match. Who are the culprits of these intransigences? No, they also agreed to cover up their differences and keep something relevant: voting. In this regard, the two partners of the coalition government are not out of touch. They vote almost everything together. After the approval of the first state budget draft of 2021, which has not yet been published by the executive branch, the differences became more obvious and open within the Council of ministers and even among the parliamentary groups of the court.

They explained from the leadership of the team led by Paul Iglesias: “in this case, infidelity always occurs between small partners and big partners, infidelity is on both sides, and in this relationship, it seems that we are always guilty, not us.”. They cited the penultimate example, the proposal on equal treatment law, which was registered last week and unilaterally promoted by PSOE, a proposal put forward by Irene Montero, Minister of equality. The PSOE rejected this claim, saying that we can be told that they have been working on the program for many years and that they still believe that their report will be presented by parliamentary groups, especially in order to discuss the quotas reserved for the socialist party at the next plenary session.

The apparent differences recognized by the two camps mask other ongoing struggles in the coalition of governments that we can find in the dispute between vice president Carmen Calvo and Irene Montero, who is the successor to the cabinet’s feminist policy. In a debate before the PSOE, Montero had been told that, worst of all, it would be difficult for him to push his flagship sexual freedom bill, the so-called “Yes only” bill, in the house of Representatives. It’s still waiting.

In this sense, Congress is a stage to show the temperature of the complex relationship, which is destined to continue, because there are 155 seats between the two groups, accounting for an absolute majority of 21 seats.

In the United Nations, we can assume that there are no complex issues, usually discussed with PSOE, but emphasized a big detail: “in practice, we always vote with them, where we show our loyalty, we will not vote with the opposition.” You remember what happened this Monday. A permanent delegation was called in to ask the opposition, and even a regular guest of the executive branch, for former health minister Salvador illa to attend the farewell meeting and evaluate it. His group chairman, Jaume asens, came to the press room before the debate, severely criticized “Iraqi candidates do not let Iraqi Minister appear”, and reiterated this point at the meeting. Finally, we can vote with PSOE to prevent several appearances and subsequent opposition.

Senior members of the socialist party stressed the importance of voting in Congress. “It’s normal that dysfunction occurs occasionally, because we are two groups with different political thoughts and cultures, but there are almost no problems in legislative action,” they pointed out on the PSOE, and demonstrated the good and permanent relationship between the two spokesmen, Adriana Lastra and Pablo echenik.

“Our differences are verbal, because the ministers with power are the ministers of PSOE, they are usually free, and we have a voice,” they said They still remember that these groups have not met for more than two months.

The markings on both sides are not normally recorded on the ballot board. The most notable case occurred on December 1, when some members of the Federation, together with ERC and eh bildu, went to the house registry and, without the knowledge of PSOE, signed a budget amendment prohibiting deportation before 2022. There was a lot to happen that day.

The socialist leader called on echenik to denounce the action and was surprised to say that the leader was unaware of the action led by Enrique Santiago, deputy spokesman and Secretary General of the United left. We can deny that. During this term of office, the Social Democratic Party has pointed out many times that many leaders have the right to sign in US and our different brands and integrations. We can call it “infidelity.” they say that all their performances are coordinated through management chat, and the church is also involved. When etchnik appeared in court, he was always in touch with him, just as he was in the match between Arsene and IRA on Monday, though not his content.