Hueda Health Consultant Resigns Due To Non-Conforming Coronavirus Vaccination

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Javier Guerrero, Huda’s health adviser, resigned on Tuesday and gave up his representation on the City Council because of early coronavirus vaccination. The popular politician announced his resignation five days after refusing to resign, but insisted that he acted “in the right and sincere way.”. Guerrero is the second person to be downgraded to PP after the health consultant left Murcia for receiving covid-19 vaccine in violation of the Ministry of health agreement. Pablo Casado, the leader of the people’s party, stressed that his leadership would require all grass-roots positions to be “model.”.

As a well-trained doctor, consultant HOUDY, along with 10 other people in his consultant’s office, was vaccinated. After hearing the news, he argued that he did not violate the vaccination plan and strategy formulated by the Ministry of health. It argues that it belongs to group 2, which includes frontline staff in the health and social health fields. “I’ve been managing the epidemic on the front line for a year, I’ve been in a gym full of positive factors, working with the pharmacist inspector, controlling the local police […] I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve been struggling,” he explained. Guerrero also said he didn’t want to be vaccinated initially. “I don’t like vaccinations, I don’t like beef and flu,” he said at a press conference on January 21 last year He said it was the pressure from the technicians that made him change his mind: “they told me that if I didn’t get the vaccine, they wouldn’t either.”

However, the Ministry of health argues that political positions are not part of the front-line health workers and therefore do not belong to the first phase of vaccination.

The statement from the xiuda government said Guerrero denied five days later that he would “reconsider” his resignation and was “confident” that he had taken the right action at all times. A source from the people’s leader said that the decision was made by members of Parliament, President Hugh DA and the people’s party “aware that the people’s party’s position is very clear”.