Diaz’S Critics Brought The Pulse Of Andalusia To The Federal Psoe Commission

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

The PSOE, the most powerful socialist Federation in Andalusia, did not speak with a single voice at the last Federal Council meeting on Saturday. Key departments working with Susana D í AZ use the remote information processing between the main decision-making bodies of PSOE in Congress to defend the alternative proposal of former chairman and Secretary General of psoe-a board of directors since 2013. “I would like to ask the federal government to work hard to ensure that the dialogue can achieve the Renaissance that many people have asked us to do in order to find the lost illusion of Andalusia and restore the community of Andalusia’s PSOE as important as ours,” said Mayor Jorge Gallardo of kartama. (Malaga). Gallardo ended 25 requests to speak in secret meetings, some of which were not broadcast in the public media. “Hopefully we can open up a bright light in Andalusia to achieve an updated project that will make us credible again and close to the problem of Andalusia,” he said, according to 10 sources in the country. The pulse of the Andalusian leadership will not be resolved before the federal PSOE conference It will be held from 15 to 17 October.

The federal executive’s statement of intent to “strengthen and renew the autonomous leadership in some cases to make the PSOE competitive in all territories” was widely supported in the Federal Council. The general conclusion is that this is almost Andalusia’s exclusive message, and despite the loss of influence, Diaz starts with an advantage: critics lack consensus on who will lead another project. Mr Felipe Sicilian is on the move, as are the names of finance minister Maria JAS Montero and Seville mayor Juan Espadas.

However, unlike other federations, in Andalusia, the chairman of self government and other federations that the Secretary General requested to speak made three statements. The first is Diaz, who once again praised Pedro Sanchez, as he did at the former Federal Council last February. “Peter achieved three important things: it was not easy to change the direction of European institutions, he did. The European fund will enable us to get out of the health crisis, and even out of the economic and social crisis in other ways. The second challenge is to make common governance useful, which is the eighth article of the constitution. The third element is that the socialist government and the socialist president cannot deal with the crisis like the right wing, even if the crisis is like this, because there is no one in the way, “said the psoe-a leader. Loyalty and all support are with you. “Cheer up, Pedro, go ahead, everyone’s standing next to you, shoulders on your back,” Diaz said.

The next Andalusian is Mario jimnes, who, after Sanchez resigned as Secretary General of the Committee on October 1, 2016, has not spoken to the Federal Council since he was the management spokesman of PSOE, which is exactly consistent with Diaz. The voice of socialist exports in the Andalusian parliament is no longer part of Diaz. His province, huerwa, leads a campaign against the Secretary General of the psoe-a, and himenez’s expectations for a speech are capitalized. “We need the government to have a greater real presence in Andalusia. In the face of this obscene occupation of public space in Andalusia by right-wing and far right governments, there must be an existence, accompanied by the existence of hundreds of Andalusian mayors “The situation is so complicated,” he said, without mentioning Diaz’s objections.

Himenez thanks the government for the resources allocated to the autonomous region, while the health budget of Andalusia is “more than 200 million euro”. “The decline of public education follows the same path. This is the reality of right-wing rule. “If it wasn’t for the government’s policies and government’s resources, we would face a disaster in Andalusia,” he said.

Isabel Diaz ayuso’s ongoing confrontation with the government and its management of the epidemic is another major issue for the Federal Council. “It has nothing to do with the government led by angel gabrondo and PSOE… Speaking at the end of the Federal Council, Sanchez said: “I want to recall that the SPD in Madrid is the first political force, which means that many Madrid people and Madrid people are in line with our ideals and our political projects, and they are tired of the right-wing government for more than 20 years.”. If that doesn’t happen, it’s not because the Madrid people don’t want to, and it’s not because they didn’t vote, but because some politicians are now suffering from the consequences of their bets, and they want these governments to be permanent, “he added, behind closed doors, of citizenship.

Adrian barb ó n, President of Asturias, is the most critical critic of D í AZ ayuso. He recalled Machado’s poem in which he said that Madrid was the breakwater of all Spain. “Well, in fact, what I want to say is that the Madrid community government is now a problem for all Spaniards. This is not only because it means not implementing policies that restrict or control the epidemic, as we have done in all territories, all autonomous regions, no matter how obvious those policies are, but also what it means from a critical point of view, or because not all people come together to cause criticism, “But thanks also to the permanent impediment to this attempt to summarize the answer,” according to a source present at the meeting.

After expressing their “love and sympathy” to the citizens of Madrid, baben called for tax coordination to avoid exceptions like Madrid, the only community that does not pay estate taxes. In addition, it provides a 99% bonus for inheritance and donation. Valencia President Ximo Puig said: “we must overcome the inefficient centralized macroeconomic Spain and achieve fair fiscal equity and fiscal harmony in Spain.”.

Guillermo fern á ndez vara also expressed concern about the size of Madrid in areas such as politics and media, which dwarfs the rest of the country. Give us the ability to make decisions, give us responsibility. Well, at the same time, the right is making sure that only Madrid exists. I don’t know how you people who live in Madrid feel, but we people who live outside have a feeling that the right way to do it is to only have Madrid. It turns out that the only problems in this country are those that affect Madrid. “The higher the level of decentralization, the greater the response of our country to it,” said President estramanio, who shared the same view with Maria chivette. “I am concerned about the vision of Spain, which is just what is happening in Madrid. President Navarra warned: “because it does not give us a comprehensive view of the whole situation. Luis tudanca, Secretary General of Castilla and Leon, claimed that Spain “snows every year, although some people think it impossible”, alluding to the chaos caused by Hurricane Philomena in Madrid.

The Canary Islands’ partisan exploitation of the immigration crisis is another source of complaint. Its chairman, Angela Victor Torres, thanks the other self-governing chairmen of the Social Democratic Party for their responses to requests for reception from unaccompanied minors who arrived in the islands by sea in recent months. “We have 2600 people in the Canary Islands, and I called them and they all answered. But at the same time, unfortunately, there are other communities, such as Andalusia or Madrid, especially the latter, who react with emptiness, silence, arrogance, hypocrisy and cynicism, and then go to parliament to denounce the Spanish government’s immigration policy… Those don’t even offer the possibility of cross regional solidarity! He complained.