Coup Forces Arrest Malian President And Prime Minister

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Malian president bah ndaw and Prime Minister moctar ouane were arrested by a group of soldiers on Monday and forcibly transferred to Kati military base about 15 kilometers from the capital Bamako. The arrest took place hours after the appointment of a new transitional government, excluding two generals, sadio camara and Modibo KONE, who participated in last year’s coup, although the four members of the new administration are still soldiers. The international community responded strongly to the request for the release of the two detained senior officials and expressed support for the transition.

Bamako was relatively calm on Tuesday morning, but after the arrests of ndaw and ouane, there were high hopes for him. All sources consulted indicated that this was a dissatisfied response from the junta, which came to power in August last year. After the announcement of its appointment on Monday, the junta’s influence in the government has declined. The coup leaders wanted to retain the combination of defence, security, territorial administration and national reconciliation, but the first two were handed over to generals Suleiman dukure and mamadu lamin Diallo, who faced the military component of the August coup.

In the past few weeks, the atmosphere has become very tense, especially as a result of a general strike by the powerful National Union of workers of Mali (untm), which paralyzed many public services and further separated civil society, Led by the m5-rfp campaign and the Transitional Authority. On May 14, Mokhtar ouane resigned as prime minister, but President endo re appointed him as “a more inclusive government”, in which the political class played a greater role.

Many aspects of the international community responded quickly and forcefully to show “their firm support for the Transitional Authority”. In the joint communiqu é signed by the African Union, the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOSOC), the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali (minusma), the European Union, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, They demanded the “immediate and unconditional release” of the two senior officials and their accomplices. The economic community of West African States mediator Goodluck Jonathan is due to arrive in Bamako on Tuesday to try to ease tensions.

When he was arrested, The prime minister was on the phone with a reporter from the French news agency: “I confirm that people from Gotha (the colonel and the current Vice President of the military government who led the coup of 18 August 2020) came to me and took me to the president’s house, He lives near my house According to the agency, shortly after the interruption of communication.

On August 18 last year, after months of demonstrations led by m5-rfp, a group of officials staged a coup in Mali to overthrow then president Ibrahim bubacar kaita. After intensive negotiations with the economic community of West African States, the military government appointed retired colonel bah ndaw as president, but he succeeded in maintaining power in the national Transitional Council and later in the government led by civilian moctar ouane.

What happened in Mali is very similar to what happened on December 11, 2012, when the army that launched the coup nine months ago arrested the transitional prime minister, Chek Modibo Diarra, and successfully forced him to resign.

Northern and central Mali continues to face the threat of jihadi groups, which carry out attacks and attacks mainly against the military and members of the United Nations mission. Such violence has also resulted in tens of thousands of civilian deaths and forced displacement. A constitutional referendum will be held in October next year, and presidential and legislative elections will be held from February to March next year to end the transition and transfer power to the civil administration.