Najib Bukker And The Absolute Power Of El Salvador

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

Nayib bukele, the youngest president of the United States, neither likes the streets, nor the aborigines, nor playing in the market, nor taking pictures with other people’s children. The 39 year old Salvadoran president loves his mobile phone, image detection and “execute, execute, execute.”. Dealing with these three issues is enough to break the 30-year two party system and completely change the political pattern of a country marked by a bloody civil war (1980-1992), which ended when he was 10 years old.

For geovani Galeas, his adviser and biographer, bukele is a multi-functional leader who can manage the fate of the village from the office screen and has a political personality similar to that of Fidel Castro or Mao Zedong. For her former and current rival Bertha Draine, bukel is “a powerful teenager who can’t talk about the most important issues without looking at her cell phone.”. Between this picture and the other, there is a T-shirt with his face on the cover, which is sold for $12 each in the center of San Salvador. They describe him as a Messiah, who runs a hospital and faces the dark forces of Parliament. All polls show that his new ideas party will win by a landslide this Sunday and gain full control of the legislature.

In just two years in power, bukel has changed from a young politician to a leader of modern long-distance politics. This is a social phenomenon praised and criticized at home, which is regarded as “dictatorship” by the organization of American States (OAS) or human rights watch. Joe Biden’s new government keeps a distance from bukker, but he has no rival in his fiefdom, and he has the highest approval rating on the African continent, more than 71%. These figures reveal a skill that goes beyond good twitter management, and even his opponents acknowledge some of his achievements in managing twitter, including reducing violence to a level rarely seen in the country, and managing epidemics with strict restrictions combined with $300 in direct population assistance.

Bukhar, the son of a Muslim father, was born in Bethlehem. He promoted the construction of the first mosque in Latin America, and he was very good at politics and propaganda. After graduating in his first year, he stopped studying law and began working for his father’s agency, which was responsible for the image of FMLN, a historical left-wing party, and represented the Yamaha brand in El Salvador.

He began his political career at FMLN, where he became mayor of San Salvador (2015-2018). At this stage, he is known as an effective manager who can regain the dark capital center. Before his management first came into contact with democracy in 2016, it was accompanied by phrases and slogans such as “we must change history” or “one play a day”. Bukker threatened the attorney general that the people would “drive him out of the office” because he called him to testify in a case against him: he was under investigation, he was said to have led a computer team, attacked the print media and attended the meeting accompanied by thousands of supporters.

At that time, he was only a 34 year old mayor. Enras was a new star in Salvadoran politics and grew up in the ashes of the two party system. But his way of exercising power had some characteristics: when other powers contradicted each other, he refused other powers and dealt with ambiguous actions to improve his image. And his conflict with the media. During his two years as president, his attacks on journalism included local media such as Farrow, gayton serrado, FATUM or the associated press. But their criticism is not limited to the national chain of missiles targeted at independent media, but has also promoted a money laundering investigation into lighthouses because of grants from international donors.

At the end of his term as mayor of San Salvador, he also clashed with his party, which did not consider him a presidential candidate. In order to achieve his ambition, he did not mind giving up training and eventually joining a political party, the grand coalition for national unity (Gana), which had accumulated a series of corruption cases but provided the electoral register needed before the new ideas were legalized. In the fight against the former political party, the right wing and the press, he created an image of an idealistic rebel and attracted young people.

In order to explain such rapid growth, it is necessary to understand the corruption in Salvadoran politics over the past few decades, which has led to the imprisonment of two former presidents and a fugitive, demonstrating the pain of the post-war party system. The publicist designed the phrase “return stolen things,” which has become an effective campaign slogan that his followers repeat at every rally.

Over the years, social media has been her biggest ally, through which she fired ministers, supervised public works, criticized the media, announced her wedding, or gave her daughter an ultrasound. If you need a broader explanation, please visit Facebook live. According to the data of LPG data, a public opinion survey organization commissioned by the University of Central America (UCA), bukel himself is defined as “the coolest president in the world”. In this country, only 10.7% of the people over 18 have twitter, but nearly 40% of them pay attention to the country’s political life through the Internet. To achieve this, we have to add an intergenerational relay of a country with an average age of 29, according to the electoral roll, almost half of Salvadorans (48%) will vote on Sunday, with an average age of 38.9: the same as the president.

From 2016 to 2019, Bertha Draine served as bukel’s lawyer in two court cases. For years, he had been a trustworthy person in court until February 9 last year, when he cut him off via a text message from WhatsApp: “you screwed up,” he wrote in a private phone call For safety. “But she left me, and we didn’t talk anymore,” said Draine, who today alienated bukel and the party candidates of our time. That Sunday in February was one of the turning points in his political career and a wake-up call for the international community, which has been closely following his developments since then. “He overestimated my ability to plan, and I did what I thought I had to do,” he told the country that night, implying that “the people” had brought him there.

“Bukker made hate speech in a violent country. “He’s a smart guy in advertising, because you shouldn’t forget that he’s from that world,” says Draine. Lawyers describe naib bukker as “a drug addict who surveys his image and the ideas on the street, because he’s always staring at the phone and can’t answer it.” One of the most severe criticisms of his former aides was that the president ignored the peace agreements, known as “farce,” which he signed at the age of 10, ending a civil war that killed 100000 people. “He lived in a golden cradle, protected as a child and never experienced war,” he said.

His privileged background, belligerent words and calm attitude do not necessarily damage his public image, but they are different aspects of his success. Bukle has built a model of modern telepolitics, where there is no ideology to talk about efficiency. His advisers say he thinks it’s possible to rule a country with a phone, and he knows that the best news director is himself. Bukele would rather talk to local rapper Ren é on instagram than be interviewed by CNN. His twitter account uploads a self portrait at the UN General Assembly, then speaks in front of all world leaders, or distributes photos of hundreds of gang members in prison who are almost naked, handcuffed and overcrowded, In front of Mara, she showed an indomitable tough man image, which gave her so much in return.

According to the president, the violence dropped from 50 murders per 100000 residents when he came to power to nearly 19 because his territorial control plan deployed troops across the country and showed a tough side in the streets and prisons, even empowering Shoot if necessary. According to the lighthouse, the settlement was due to an agreement with a gang denied by the president.

Married Gabriela Rodr í Guez, a child psychologist who started dating ten years ago, but almost all the sources consulted agreed that her brother was the only one she trusted. Ibrahim and Yusef bukel Oates are the most influential power groups around the president of El Salvador. They are his brothers. They are the sons of Amando bukel Catan and Olga Oates, and they are four of bukel Catan’s 10 sons. Although they have no official positions, they have no official positions, Many sources confirmed that they were the leading strategists and the people who spoke in the president’s ear.

“There is no ideology. This is the practice of the 20th century. Bukker is the president of the 21st century,” geovani Galeas, one of his advisers, said in an interview in the capital. “Bukker’s ideological axis is no longer left / right, but ‘they’, accounting for 2% of the wealth concentrated population, or ‘we’, 98% of the population suffered from 200 years of corruption, “he replied.

Gailas, the author of two books about naib bukker, believes that for the president, having a mobile phone is enough to rule the country without wasting time on travel. According to Galeas, he describes the bukle’s office as a desk with multiple screens in front. The main advantage of bukle is that it is multitasking, that is, it can do many things at the same time. The main problem is “finding a replacement,” he says. The author compares the young president with Fidel Castro or Mao Zedong, which is consistent with the “relevant personality theory” in the old communist Handbook.

In the past year, the proportion of Salvadorans in caravans has declined, mainly due to: New developments are taking place in the country, as well as measures taken by bukhar to prevent immigration, such as the establishment of border patrols, the arrest of so-called convoys or 16000 people detained in detention centres for evading compulsory imprisonment.

In June 2019, when nayib bukele formed a new government, he replaced all his ministers except Nelson Fuentes, a finance minister. Fuentes describes bukel as a person who focuses on “executing, executing and executing the budget to meet the needs of citizens as quickly and as best as possible.”. A year after he joined the government in June 2020, Fuentes resigned on suspicion of pressure from the president to use public finance to deal with political opponents. “Ministers are always under pressure,” he said. “By the middle of the year, I think we have different views on how to achieve national stability, and I think it’s better to leave,” he explained, explaining that his departure and complex public account situation were due to the surge in public spending caused by the 8% decline in GDP caused by the pandemic. “My concerns are different from those of the president. It’s a tough time, “he told the media.

Two years ago, television producer bukker defeated the historic FMLN, the successor of the guerrillas, who ruled the country for the past eight years and won a landslide victory without a second round of elections. Since then, he has been in power, facing a parliament controlled by the opposition, which will be reversed if his party’s new ideas overwhelmingly win the expected polls. This would ensure the control of Parliament, which could potentially change the constitution, the prosecutor’s office or the Judiciary – powers that are currently out of control.

Bukker didn’t want to hide his power ambitions or be affable. He rarely does, leaving behind a strange sense of frivolity that is more like a thousand years ago than a head of state. It’s like that day when he was driving at high speed in Ferrari, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Or one day, he issued dozens of orders to his subordinates, and finally ordered the people to sleep. Or, recently, when he changed his profile photo and put a bird on it, to counteract the meme of mocking his thin legs. In self-confidence, when he is comfortable, he likes to prove that he had a disco before he became president. So, when you want to please your speaker, take the bottle, pour the rum into the bottle, tap the bottle’s mouth gently, and count the ounces of the old bartender you should be. It was one of the few amiable gestures that recognized the people around him.

Bukker likes video games, luxury goods and expensive cars. He successfully avoids public life without having to clarify whether he is Catholic, Muslim or evangelical. He just says that he “believes in God.”. To be exact, God is bukhar’s resource to solve the most critical moment in his political life. On February 9, 2020, thousands of followers asked him to take over the legislature in front of Parliament. Bukker received a phone call from the U.S. Embassy earlier asking him to be cautious, but he didn’t say anything in front of his people. He was silent for only a few seconds, raised his finger, pointed to the sky, and said that this was the place to order the retreat. After a few minutes, the angry crowd calmed down until they left the place peacefully. PR won again, and he vowed revenge this Sunday.

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