Iran Has Condemned The Us Attack On Syria And Accused The Us Of Trying To Undermine Relations With Iraq

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

Iran condemns the U.S. bombing of Iranian backed militiamen in Syria on Saturday and denies any responsibility for the rocket attacks on U.S. targets in Iraq that prompted Washington to respond on Friday.

The United States defended its attack on positions of kataib, a Hezbollah paramilitary group, on the Iraqi border in response to us rocket attacks on its targets. Western officials and Iraqi authorities accused Iranian backed groups of launching the attack.

On the 15th of last week, in Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, an American soldier was injured and a contractor died because of the alleged launch of several Katiusha rockets by Iranian backed militia. The border with Iraq.

Teheran denied any involvement in the attack. After visiting Syria for the second time in a month with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he condemned the U.S. bombing Saturday as “illegal and a violation of Syrian sovereignty,” according to Iranian state media.

“Zarif said that some recent attacks and incidents in Iraq are suspicious and may be aimed at undermining the relations between Iran and Iraq and the security and stability of Iraq,” Iranian media said. “We stress that the Iraqi government must find the perpetrators of these incidents,” Zarif said.

According to official Iranian sources, Hussein said the Iraqi government will not allow the recent events in Iraq to affect the good relations between Tehran and Baghdad. He also urged the promotion of relations between the two countries and pledged Iran’s willingness to expand relations with Iran.

The stake between the two countries is that Tehran will receive $6 billion (about 4.97 billion euros) of Iranians frozen in Iraq because of US sanctions. The two ministers pledged progress in the negotiations.