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2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

El paisnal, a flat rural town of 15000 residents, is just an hour’s drive from the capital of El Salvador, where women take umbrellas for a walk in case of the afternoon sun. There are four fuzzy streets in the city center, with banana and lemon trees at the end, and the center is between the church and the city hall parking lot.

In the 1970s, the village where the Jesuit priest rutilio Grande was murdered was led by the farabendo Marti front (FMLN), part of the Communist guerrillas that came out of a 16 degree air-conditioned, cold office. In front of the mayor’s door, there was no air, and a dozen neighbors waited patiently to ask him for medical help, explain lindes’ problems to him, or seek support from school supplies. In his office, governor Hector Lara nervously moved his cell phone when he admitted that he didn’t use Facebook, twitter, instagram, or even a computer. “I don’t know how you can work if you stand in front of the screen all day. “If I sit there all day looking at my cell phone, who can I serve,” he said on a wooden table, where the most modern is the stapler.

The mayor seems overwhelmed by the fact that he is over 66 years old, most of whom served in the FMLN party that ruled the country from 2009 to 2019. “Young people are manipulated by social media. A person is not old enough to burn his brain with a computer, “he admits. The former communist activist added that the world collapsing under his feet would also be limited. “I certainly support social media, but I hope they can reach the people when he is educated.”.

On Sunday, mayor Lala took part in the election for the third time. If he wins, he will step down in nearly 70 years. After a lot of political struggles, he cut back on his campaign because of tensions. “We used to drive campers and people would come and tell us’ I support you ‘, but now they yell at us’ give us back the stolen things’,” he said next to another office with pictures of shafiq Handal, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. “Najib bukker’s supporters are mainly ours,” he admitted, resigning in the face of the tsunami, which represented a 39 year old president who was able to mobilize national public opinion through his twitter account, with more than 2 million followers.

The FMLN, which ruled the country for 10 years, was born as a political party in 1992, uniting all the leftists who fought during the civil war. Two years later, he won the pesnar election, and since then, he has been one of the three towns in El Salvador that have voted red. In 2019, however, the town changed and for the first time supported Najib bukker, who was not on the front line, with a majority vote. According to all polls, new ideas (Ni), the ruling party of the millennium, will win again in El Salvador’s legislative and municipal elections on Sunday.

Pesnar is a typical Salvadoran: his martyr, his corruption, his U.S. visa office, his Evangelical Church and his insults. “It’s very difficult to run and become a member of the FMLN in this situation,” the mayor said. “At best, they will tell you: I support you, but don’t let me vote for members you hate,” he admits

A block from city hall, 66 year old Salvadora Chavez was reading a newspaper in his bike shop. To get there, you have to walk a few steps from the city hall, past a stall selling bread, coconut, tamarind or tangerine peel soft drinks. “He’s a young president, and there’s an illusion that someone new is coming. They call it dictatorship, but isn’t capitalism dictatorship? Asked the veteran militant from the people’s Liberation Army, a member of FMLN. What he likes most about the young president is “he makes his own decisions.”. Most importantly, “he only listens to who’s right.”

Gisele de Hern á ndez, 33, put the tortillas one by one on a pile of firewood on the “blessing of God” tortillas. “The president kept his promise, gave us food bags and promised us $300 to prevent the epidemic,” he said. “People see him working well and doing something for the people.” Her roommate, Kumar, said she was looking forward to voting now because she smelled change. “He told the truth straight. People have opened their eyes and noticed. Marisa de Hern á ndez, 54, said: “I used to be arena and now I am his.” “Give me back what you stole,” they said with a smile. Although the president did not take part in the election, his controversial image focused everything on him.

Born 28 years ago, flor Chavez has lived in pesnar and worked in a Lutheran Church. For months, he’s joined the new idea of bukle. “This is the first time aid has been targeted not only at friends or supporters, but also everyone,” he explained.

“What is a dictator? Before answering this question, flor Chavez said. “They used to say that he was gay, drug addict, or that we would all end up Muslim, dressed like the Middle East, but these lies no longer affect us,” he said, adding that the polls showed a surge of enthusiasm. “People thank us for having food when we need it. Bukel did not split El Salvador, El Salvador has split, “he concluded.

The main problem of the country is that nearly a quarter of the population lives in poverty, and the mayor’s main achievement is to declare the place “illiterate” in 2016, which is the pride of the old left, but not enough to attract a young man trapped in the “buker effect”, which is sweeping everything. The country’s average age is 29, and according to the electoral roll, almost half (48%) of Salvadorans eligible to vote on Sunday have an average age of 38.9: the same as the president.

The squire’s pride was lutirio grand. In 1977, the Jesuit priest, believed to be a “martyr of faith,” was born and murdered in the town when the death squads fired 18 shots at him at the village gate. The assassination of Luciano Grande, Pope Francis’s personal friend and collaborator of St. anulfo Romero, was regarded by his biographers as a turning point, which made the Salvadoran Saint stay away from the elite and become a spokesman for the army massacre until he was killed in 1982. The body of his loyal collaborator was buried in the center of the church, and his face appeared on the local shield. Its tan image appears on bags, T-shirts and Keychains, and it’s a tourist attraction in a small town that does little for tourists.

After 7 p.m., on a muddy road by the roadside, dozens of neighbors gathered to listen to the rally of Reina Chavez, a 42 year old woman with strong influence on Facebook. But it’s strange: it’s night, no music, no lights, no public address. Neighbors are still fed up with the candidate’s proposals to take her to the dusty “first world” Park, education, work and health. “We’re going to set up a cooperative where interns make six dollars an hour. Once he specializes, we’ll pay $15 an hour, “Chavez repeated.

The candidate’s speech will appeal to anyone. Acopasca, the region’s largest fruit cooperative, pays $1.50 an hour, but potential future mayors promise four times as much. Neighbors listened and picked up leaflets until the night when it was closed, a truck full of food bags rushed into the scene and caused a stir among the participants when it began to distribute heavy food bags with the government logo. All of a sudden, the dark place was full of laughter and joy, and the neighbors were washed away by the nearby farmhouses, carrying lumps on their heads. The only neighbor close to greeting the candidate about how to pay for the park she promised was masked by spontaneous screams of “return stolen.”. In paisnal, the old model sinks behind a pine table, and the new model looks like the old model, but it’s bigger.

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