The Armenian Prime Minister Ordered An End To The Army Commander Who Demanded His Resignation, And Talked About The “Attempted Coup”

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol pashiny á n ordered the suspension of chief of general staff Onik gasparry á n on Thursday. In a letter signed by more than 40 senior military officials, he asked pashiniyan to resign because of Armenian failure in the conflict between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, This resulted in the death of about 3000 soldiers and 150 civilians on both sides. Since the Baku peace agreement was negotiated with Russia in November last year, involving the abandonment of control over mountainous enclaves, the prime minister has been facing major protests, He defined the military leader’s initiative as an “attempted coup” and urged his followers to take to the streets to support him.

However, the opposition insists that the only way to resolve political tensions is for pasinian to step down. They accused him of trying to get the country into civil war. Since the Nagorny Karabakh conflict heated up again in September, the situation in Armenia has been in a serious crisis. Compared with Azerbaijan, the countries in the South Caucasus are in a disadvantageous position. Azerbaijan is supported by Turkey, and the situation is deteriorating. The Kremlin, an ally of the two countries in negotiating a peace agreement, on Thursday expressed serious concern about the situation in Armenia and called on all parties to remain calm. In a stern speech at the end of November, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that breaking the agreement would be “suicide” for Armenians because of their strong military base and strong ties.

During a demonstration in the capital Yerevan, the Armenian prime minister, along with his son, several ministers and hundreds of supporters, defended his decision and called on his supporters not to degenerate in defending the government. “The army belongs to the people and the prime minister,” Interfax quoted pasinian as saying. The prime minister urged the military to “protect the border” from what he saw as false provocations. “A military coup will not work. It’s going to end peacefully and we’re going to decide what to do with our citizens, “pasinian yelled as he marched in Yerevan.

Opposition supporters also took to the streets of Yerevan, shouting “traitor Nicole pasinian” and “Nicole, resign”, blocking some streets around the city center. According to local media reports, traffic in the city was paralyzed. They accused the Prime Minister of pursuing evil policies and mediation in the Nagorno Karabakh war, the last escalation of which lasted for 44 days and eventually led to the defeat of Armenians in enclaves considered part of Azerbaijan but only recently controlled by Armenians, who have been in conflict since 1994.

The opposition Republican Party, led by former president and former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, has made severe charges against him: “these defeatist authorities are trying to deliberately lead the country into civil war. “They are prepared to take these measures to maintain power,” he said in a statement

In recent days, pashyan clashed with several military personnel. A few days ago, he fired Tiran jachatrian, the deputy of the military leader. He criticized and called his words “frivolous”, that is, only 10% of the Iskander missiles are made by Russia and used for missile defense Nagorno Karabakh exploded in the impact. Yagattian’s suspension caused more unrest, sparking the controversial letter. The country’s president, arm é n sarkissyan, has yet to sign an agreement to remove the military leader ordered by pasinian.