Biden Administration Changed The Direction Of Relations With Saudi Arabia

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

The Joe Biden administration will release a US intelligence report on Thursday, which concludes that Saudi Crown Prince and de facto leader Mohamed bin Salman approved the assassination of Jamal khashoggi, a critical journalist of the Riyadh regime, at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018. The CIA is the main author of the report, and the conclusions of the report have made progress through various means in the months after the crime. But the publication, which trump repeatedly resisted, symbolically ushered in a new stage in the relationship between Washington and Riyadh, This obviously broke the trump administration’s indifference to the brutal dismemberment of a Washington Post reporter in the United States.

President Biden confirmed that he had read the report and that he planned to have a phone conversation yesterday with King Salman, 85, rather than with Mohamed bin Salman. As the leader of the country, as the Secretary of defense, your son’s official communications must contact the head of the Pentagon. However, members of his democratic government claim that they maintain ties with other levels of the Saudi regime.

The White House explained that the new democratic government is preparing to “readjust” its relations with its Arab allies, a large oil producing country that has been tolerated for disrespect for human rights in the past. Biden said publicly that he was committed to Saudi Arabia and its defense needs in the region, but earlier this month, he announced that the United States would stop supporting Saudi Arabia’s military offensive in the Yemen war, which he called a “humanitarian and strategic disaster.”. At a recent congressional confirmation hearing, Avril Haines, the new director of the national security agency, promised to comply with a law of 2019 that requires the national intelligence address office to publish a report on the assassination of hashoji within 30 days.

Biden was tough on Riyadh during the campaign. He criticized the royal family, saying it would make Saudis “untouchables.”. Now, since January 20, he has made his election promise at the White House, limiting the sale of weapons to the country and demanding responsibility for the killing of journalists. In this regard, he contacted King Salman and, according to government sources quoted by the New York Times, planned to warn Salman of the impending publication of an intelligence report.

On October 2, 2018, khashoggi, a 59 year old Saudi citizen living in Virginia, a columnist of the Washington Post, was cheated into going through the formalities at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He was killed there by a team of agents associated with the crown prince. His body was dismembered by forensic tools and his body was never found. The Saudi government initially denied any involvement in the murder, but later revised it, claiming that the journalist died accidentally while trying to forcibly extradite him. They argued that the team that went to the consulate acted on its own. Eight people were convicted in what international observers call a farce trial. After khashoggi’s own family pardoned him, his sentence (five of whom were sentenced to death) was reduced to 20 years in prison.

CNN cited court documents related to Canada’s lawsuit against Mohamed bin Salman that showed that the two private planes that the squadron went to assassinate hashoji belonged to a company that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia took over a year ago. U.N. investigators said that “Saudi Arabia is responsible for extrajudicial murder under international law,” and the CIA itself submitted its findings to the White House in 2018. But none of this has changed the good relationship between trump and Ben Salman. The trump government imposed sanctions on 17 Saudis, but refused to publish the report. The president refused to criticize the crown prince. In 2019, Bob Woodward, then president, even boasted that he had saved the crown prince in a congressional investigation in a recorded interview with reporter Bob Woodward’s latest book. “I saved his life,” he said.