Andrew Cuomo, Governor Of New York, From Hero To Villain

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

New York governor and Democrat Andrew Cuomo has gone from hero to villain in this pandemic. On Wednesday, a former Counselor’s accusation of sexual harassment, coupled with her concealment of data on the killing of prisoners at keweide’s home on the 19th, sparked her own political storm. Keweide’s case is under trial, and the party’s most progressive faction is facing a crisis Caution.

Everyone is against Cuomo, which seems to be a slogan, but the most important thing is his slogan. For those seen as the first wave of the epidemic, the daily TV press conference won him an Emmy, and now everything is wrong. Cuomo (63, New York) even wrote a book about his effective management of emergencies, and despite his regrets, he is still on the move.

Lindsey Boylan, a former economic adviser and current Manhattan County presidential candidate, revealed new details on Wednesday about the harassment she suffered during her four years as governor, which the governor denied. In a letter from the media portal, Boylan described some events in detail. For example, in 2017, when both of them “sat on the plane and paid with the taxpayer’s tax,” the politician invited her to play strip poker. In the presence of other partners and a guard, Cuomo knelt down in front of her and sat in front of her, Offer to play the kind of poker that makes losers undress. On another occasion in 2018, Boylan claimed that Cuomo had kissed her on the lip when she was alone in the office. At the end of that year, he handed in his resignation.

On Wednesday, witnesses invited by strip poker assured us through the governor’s press secretary that it never happened. Cuomo himself, an Italian American, has rejected Boylan’s accusation during his third consecutive term as governor because Boylan disclosed the harassment incident through Twitter last December. “Women have the right to express themselves,” Cuomo went on, stressing that her predecessor’s tweets didn’t match reality. More sharply, on Wednesday, her head of media said: “Ms. Boylan’s accusations are pure fabrication.”

While the so-called harassment may divert attention from a real political brawl, it will only add to the mud Cuomo has spilled in the past few weeks as the most progressive branch of the Democratic Party has been attacking him for months as a prelude to the eventual fight for control of the party’s state. In January, the chain resignations of 10 senior officials from the Ministry of Public Health revealed their unique approach to emergency management, rejecting existing agreements approved by experts to implement their own vaccination model, while publicly denying their standards. After confirming that New York State lied about the actual death toll of the coved-19, the housing case recurred. Cuomo himself was forced to admit that the death toll was about 15000, compared with the 8000 that his government had been reporting for months.

The concealment of this data led to the investigation of the federal prosecutor and the Federal Bureau of investigation in the Eastern District of New York, which undoubtedly put Cuomo in the dilemma of his colleagues, who have questioned his omniscient power, influenced by the media, and put forward more social legislative proposals, such as Laws to tax millionaires to benefit sectors most affected by the epidemic.

But take the elderly as an example. Albany, the capital of New York State and the seat of the State Capitol, has changed from an unknown place to the center of a political hurricane: land, sea and air, His colleagues are pursuing him, lawmakers have asked for the removal of Cuomo’s emergency power to manage the epidemic, and some have proposed impeachment. In this struggle, two factions of the party have been faithfully represented: the bunker of the ruling party and the Baath Party (or left wing).

The lead singer is lawmaker ROM T. Kim, who is defined on Twitter as “the representative of Sanders”, who lost an uncle in a house because of covid. As a heavy hammer, he also played the worst role in the confrontation, according to reports, Cuomo threatened that if he continued to hold himself accountable, he would destroy his career. In sandersista’s argument, he highlighted the allegation that Cuomo had hoodwinked the employers of the elderly to exonerate them from their responsibilities, while shifting the responsibility to the residential workers.

In recent days, the main representatives of the Progressive Democratic Party have had a heated debate with the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, also a Democrat, who is Cuomo’s long-term rival. In the management of the epidemic, the opposition between the two has been highlighted, with anti ethical measures such as closing schools or institutions to prevent infectious diseases, and even using two different indicators to calculate the prevalence of the virus, thus triggering any balance. But the tip of the iceberg in this fight, now bright red, hides a background storm, or tsunami, if you like, “fighting for the soul of the Democratic Party,” according to the definition of an active, anonymous progressive militant in New York.

It’s not just an amendment to the governor’s administration, which has controlled decisions about confinement or vaccine administration since March last year. Across the country, you can subtly sense that New York has hatched. Cuomo will participate in next year’s governor election in principle. Some people point out that waiting to enter the national political arena is seen as a catalyst for Democratic Party change. Progressive groups like the working family party will fight for renovation, and housing scandals and long-standing harassment charges seem to be a stumbling block to Cuomo’s political future.

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