The Conflict Between Erdogan And Makron Threatens One Of Turkey’S Most Prestigious Universities

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, and Emmanuel macron, President of France, are about to become new victims because of the French measures to combat “Islamic separatism” and the dispute between the two countries from Africa to the Mediterranean: Galatasaray University of Istanbul, Turkey is one of the most famous French higher education centers.

At least 15 French teachers at the University have been in an illegal state for months, fearing that under any police control, police officers will realize that they have no documents and will be deported. “We continue to teach through the Internet because the coronavirus class is not face-to-face, but it’s a serious problem because you can’t do a lot of things without a residence permit,” explained one affected person, who declined to be named. At the beginning of school last fall, teachers submitted all the documents for the Turkish authorities to issue them with compulsory work and residence permits, which must be updated annually. After waiting for a few months, in December, the Council of Higher Education (YK) informed them that their work permits would not be renewed unless they obtained a B2 Turkish Certificate in their work permits, which means that their language proficiency reached the intermediate and advanced levels.

“I was invited to teach in Turkey not because of my Turkish level, but because of what I could offer in my field of study,” complained the professor. “Besides, it was a completely illegal decision, Because Galatasaray is governed by a bilateral agreement, all decisions between the governments of France and Turkey are made by consensus, and every policy change must be announced one year in advance. ” The centre was established in 1992 by an agreement between President Fran? OIS Mitterrand and President Turgut Ozar and is a symbol of the relationship between the two countries. As a continuation of Galatasaray high school, it was founded in Istanbul in the second half of the 19th century to cultivate the modern elite of the Ottoman Empire with French and European ideas. With the change of power in 1923, high school will become the core of the new Republican and secular elites.

YK, reporting directly to President Erdogan, argued that it had only implemented a measure comparable to that promulgated by Malone. As part of its efforts to combat Islamic radicalism, it suspended the Elco programme, under which immigrant students from France receive teachers from those countries to teach in their own languages; The difference between the two cases is that in France, it is carried out in the form of an agreement with the nine participating countries (including Turkey) in order to have time to find out In Ankara, it was a sudden decision that surprised universities and faculty.

When Malone called Erdogan, as well as HERV é Magro, the French ambassador to Ankara, tried to find a solution. During the latter’s meeting with President YEKTA Sara C, the French diplomat told his interlocutors that “unilateral and unannounced action” was “unacceptable”, According to French media Mediapart. Another source familiar with the meeting said that the atmosphere was very tense: “Chairman YK replied that he did not care what was said in the bilateral agreement. He had the responsibility to decide which teachers were recognized and which teachers were not recognized.”

On Tuesday, university professors issued a statement condemning YK’s decision for endangering not only teachers but also “students’ right to multicultural and bilingual education.”. Even Pro government columnists such as nagehan al à I of habert ü rk daily have denounced YK’s restrictions, claiming that they “hurt Turkey, not macron,” because, as professors say, it will lead most French scholars to decide to return home, while other new scholars are not qualified to teach. In Turkey, it means “killing Galatasaray University”

A professor who asked to be anonymous and has lived in Turkey for 15 years complained: “this is a response to Malone. This message may sound good to AKP voters:” look, we are forcing the French to speak Turkish. ” But the reality goes one step further. Galatasaray is an island of freedom relying on bilateral agreements. It is also the only university on which YK has failed to impose the AKP president. What they seek is not just to expel French teachers, but to impose their ideological, Islamist and nationalist rule on universities. ”

In fact, the new controversy comes as students protest against the government’s attempt to control the Bosporus Strait, another of the country’s best universities, where students are suppressed by the police and labeled as “terrorists” by the government.

Moreover, French teachers in Galatasaray are not the only ones with problems. Professors from other Turkish universities in the member states of the European Union, including some Spanish professors, also see that their residence permits have not been updated unless they have taken the Turkish examination or their work permits have been shortened to six months. “We don’t know what’s going to happen. The candidates we proposed for the new position were not accepted by YK, although they met all our requirements and we had problems. Another foreign professor complained: “we don’t know what their purpose is, whether to drive away foreigners or not to recognize more foreigners.” “I think there is a political intention behind all this.”