Chavesmo Launched A Campaign To Defend Entrepreneur Alex Saab

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

The streets of Caracas are littered with banners, murals and graffiti calling for the release of businessman Alex Saab, who has been under house arrest in Cape Verde since June last year, accused of being testaferro, the economic operator of Nicolas Maduro’s government.

In the late 1990s, the Cuban government organized the defense and subsequent repatriation of five counterintelligence officers detained in the United States. The Maduro government has developed a communication strategy to establish another narrative of Saab, which maintains close ties with the chavista government.

The Venezuelan government has made it clear that Saab is an entrepreneur ally with diplomatic power. It has successfully evaded economic sanctions and made efforts to bring food and basic industrial components to Venezuela. In the battle of Chavez to defend Saab, the usual red is not dominant, but white. A label with camouflaged bias and global aspirations proclaims “free Alec Saab,” with no party logo, star, high fist or Bolivar motive.

On Sunday, chavesmo’s social groups organized a concert for the first time in downtown Diego ibala square, demanding the release of Saab. The concert was encouraged by the drivers of the left-handed behavior show, which was aimed at the revolutionary youth department but was not broadcast on television. Some official priests welcomed the event on social media.

Venezuela’s opposition accused Saab of operating in favor of Maduro, making chavesmo’s “black” financial transactions possible, Accept millions of dollars in contracts that are transferred to tax havens and put shoddy food in the bags of the local supply and production Council (clap) for the government to provide to popular departments.

Slogans to defend Saab include “no more blockade.”. Some people associated with the government have expressed dissatisfaction that Saab is being tried by an International Judiciary rather than a local court.

The charges against Saab and its opaque relationship with Maduro’s government have been around for some time. Three years ago, Venezuelan journalists Ewald shafenberg, Roberto Deniz, Alfredo Mezza and Joseph polizuk were studying the portal Armando. Information They had to leave the country after Saab filed libel charges against them.

Alex Saab started his state-owned business with Venezuela in 2011, initially as a supplier of building materials for mission house, a very popular social anchoring program proposed by Hugo Chavez. Since then, it has begun to increase its asset potential and the company’s impact on formal recruitment, especially in Maduro. In recent years, Saab has invested in acquiring Venezuelan industrial complexes and enterprises, which were expropriated or weakened in the crisis.

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