The United States Is Ready To Impose Sanctions On Russia For Large-Scale Cyber Attacks And The Navani Incident

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

According to the Washington Post, the Joe Biden administration plans to impose a series of sanctions on Russia in the next few weeks due to a large-scale cyber attack on nine US government agencies and about 100 private companies in 2020. The United States has yet to identify the person responsible for the cyber operation, but the Intelligence Group believes it is “possible” that it is the Kremlin. According to politico, the White House is also trying to punish Moscow for poisoning and imprisoning Alexei navani, the most prominent opposition leader.

Over the past six months, Russian pirates have called for help from the US government and entered at least six departments, including the Ministry of defense, the State Department, the Ministry of trade and the Ministry of finance. Hackers infiltrate by updating the software of Texas Solarwind. The government said the operation was “indiscriminate” and could be “destructive.”. If the Kremlin is proved to be behind the scenes, it will be the most complex hacker attack on US government information in Moscow since 2014 and 2015.

In January, intelligence officials, security and computer research experts claimed that hackers “may” be behind the Kremlin and its major cyber espionage units. According to the Washington Post, the Biden administration intends to more clearly blame Moscow for complex actions and is developing defensive measures to make it harder for Russia and other rivals to endanger federal and private sector networks. The operation Solarwind came to light three months after Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a truce in Washington to avoid cyber incidents.

Biden said at the Munich Security Conference last week that resolving “Russia’s reckless behavior and computer hacking on the Internet in the United States, Europe and the world has become the key to protecting our collective security.”. Anne Newberg, deputy cyber security advisor to the Department of homeland security, Last Wednesday, he warned that it would take “several months” to clarify large-scale cyber operations that damage the core of government. “We believe that we are in the initial stage of understanding scale and scale,” he added.

Sanctions against Moscow are not just a response to cyber attacks. Washington tried to hold Russia accountable for other actions, such as the use of chemical weapons against opposition nawarni and subsequent imprisonment. If the punishment is carried out, it will be the first major action in the Biden era to hold the Kremlin accountable for human rights violations. According to politico, the media that reported the news, the United States plans to coordinate possible sanctions with its European allies.