Large Scale Anti-Government Protests Again On The Streets Of Algeria

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Massive demonstrations by the chirak movement once again flooded the streets of Algeria. After 11 months of pandemic sleepiness, thousands of people marched in major cities across the country on Monday with the same slogans as they heard when Chirac was born on February 22, 2019: “thief, you have swallowed up the country”, “because of a citizenship, not a military regime”, “we are tired of generals”, “Independent judiciary”. At the end of the protest, you can hear “with the students tomorrow.”. The next day, before coved, the same thing happened every Tuesday in Algiers: dozens of college students returned to march in the center of the capital, although they were dispersed by the police. Some students were detained, but at night, they were all released, According to the newspaper, the National Committee for the release of detainees (CNLD).

These days, the same fear, the same uncertainty and the hope of two years ago are going through: no one knows how the authorities will react. Until the last moment, no one knew if the reaction on the street would be great.

According to local media reports, there were only police in the center of the capital at 11 a.m. on Monday, the second anniversary. Two hours later, however, Morris Odin square was packed with protestors. “Where do they come from? That’s Chirac’s magic, “explains the chronicle of the Algerian digital media TSA, which has been blocked in Algeria for 20 months.

The streets seem to be taking the lead again. But it remains to be seen whether students in the capital will demonstrate on Tuesday. In a country where 45% of the population is under 25, college students are Chirac’s engine. Hundreds of police were deployed in the city centre. Students once again occupy the center of the capital.

“The factors that led to the birth of Chirac still exist: the same political system, the same leaders, the same illegal acts, the same intolerable practices,” French political scientist adlene Mohammed told the newspaper via the Internet In addition to these reasons, social conditions deteriorated during the epidemic, mohamedi said. “The reasons for loathing leaders are more obvious than ever,” he concluded

Two years ago, after President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was forced to resign, the Algerian authorities brought a judicial prosecution against the politician’s aide. But Chirac activists called for real judicial reform and called a conference to draft a new constitution, and the then chief of staff, general Ahmed GAD Salah, was a strong man in the country who ignored Chirac and pushed for the presidential election. On the occasion of Chirac’s second anniversary, one of the most common slogans heard is “illegal tuben”.

According to the National Committee for the liberation of detainees (CNLD), 2500 people were prosecuted by the judiciary during the two years of protests. Most of them were released within a few days. But many others spent months in prison. Abdelmayid tebun announced on January 2, 2019 that the president pardoned 76 Chirac supporters. But when they were released, others were imprisoned. On Thursday, February 18, he also announced another amnesty for 50 to 60 activists. Among them was journalist Khalid delareny, who was sentenced to two years in prison.

Now, anyone who decides to demonstrate knows that he is in danger of imprisonment. The regime understands that only a pandemic can stop activists from taking to the streets. In a country of 42 million people, authorities have so far confirmed 2964 deaths. But the pandemic still exists. Chirac is back. In many cases, there is no mask, no social distance.