Emma Cornell: The Inevitable Fall Of Chapo’S Loyal Wife

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

He had to take off his high-heeled shoes in order to pass a security check in a New York court. Emma Colonel, the wife of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, the world’s most powerful drug trafficker, captured the spotlight of Rosa’s media in her 11 week trial of life imprisonment in 2019. Because her style fits her curves, she is known in the United States as Kardashian of Sinaloa. She’s the wife of the most wanted, the most dangerous leader. He also took part in a reality show in the United States, where other heirs to the drug Empire talked about colonels as a source of inspiration, some as sons or nephews of drug traffickers in Colombia or Mexico. But she’s a wife: Mrs. elcabo. On Monday, people who knew how to take advantage of the private lives of drug dealers on American television suddenly found out. The colonel was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, which serves Washington city. He was accused of involvement in international drug trafficking.

According to a statement from the U.S. Department of justice, a 31 year old colonel, with dual U.S. and Mexican citizenship, faces charges of trafficking in cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. For these crimes, the minimum sentence is 10 years and the maximum sentence is life imprisonment. At a hearing on Tuesday, District of Columbia federal judge Robin Meriweather applied for pre-trial detention without bail. In addition, she is accused of helping Chapo carry out one of the most serious media leaks in history: in the summer of 2015, she escaped from Mexico’s high security El altiplano prison through a tunnel that connects her cell shower with the security room through a railway and motorcycle. According to U.S. authorities, in 2017, shortly before Guzman was extradited to the United States, coronell, along with people he trusted, plotted another prison break.

The Colonel met Chapo Guzman Lola at a farm party. She is 17 years old and has just won the Sinaloa beauty queen contest. He’s 51 years old and is the owner of the world’s largest criminal organization. While she was dancing with her boyfriend on the ranch, a man came up to her and told her that “Mister” wanted to dance with her. “Of course,” I said. “Because on the ranch, even if you have a boyfriend, you have to dance with all the people who are invited,” he explained in an interview with telemundo television. In the context of Mexico’s criminal empire, rejecting a boss is very expensive. The colonel, Guzman’s third wife, has always defended him: “he’s a good man, neither violent nor rude. I’ve never seen him swearing. His daughters adore him and keep asking him, “he said in the same interview. “I didn’t know he was dealing in drugs. “I love him,” he always insisted in front of the camera.

She is also the niece of Ignacio coronell, one of her husband’s deputies. “We are not a family,” he said in the interview. The name of the colonel is too important in Mexico’s criminal history. Ignacio Colonel, also known as the king of crystals, was the number three figure in the Sinaloa cartel. Under Chapo and Ismael El Mayo zambada, he was the only one who had not been arrested at that time. Coronell was responsible for trafficking methamphetamine to the United States for at least 12 years, until he was shot dead on July 29, 2010 when zapopan in halisco exchanged fire with the Mexican army. One of his sons, Alejandro colon marrowner, who may be Emma’s cousin, was kidnapped and killed by rival Beltran Leyva in 2010, sparking a wave of violence in the country.

One of Emma coronell’s most intense moments during the trial in Chapo took place in January 2019. In the presence of his wife, the prosecutor’s office submitted a series of information between the head, wife and mistress intercepted by the FBI. In one of the stories, the then Sinaloa cartel leader asked him to buy him mustache dye and said that one of his twin daughters, Maria gioquina, was not afraid at all. “I’m going to give him an AK-47 so he can go with me,” he joked.

Emma coronell’s remark that her husband didn’t know about her business plummeted in court. In the message, Joaquin Guzman gave him precise instructions on how he should communicate. For example, he suggested that he use a BlackBerry – because it’s encrypted – and contact cartel technicians to help him. In another exchange, the Colonel told Chapo that he thought the police would show up in the house. “Do you have a gun? “Asked the drug dealer. She replied, “yes, yours. You gave it to me.” Guzman told him to hide her in a safe place. I also suggested that he lead a normal life because I knew they would use it to track him. The information was sent between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

They have publicly revealed a secret, the infidelity of drug dealers. The FBI referred to one of their collaborators, agustina cabanilas Acosta, who was arrested in a raid in February 2012 and called “my love” by her leader. According to sources, El Chapo also discussed with Cabanillas Acosta the issue of transporting and selling cocaine and marijuana in the United States.

The Colonel tried to use her reputation in the shadow of her husband to launch a brand of clothing and a variety of goods: hats, sweatshirts, cell phone covers and T-shirts. The name Chabo Guzman was submitted to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office, and his logo was the lion’s head next to three words. She’s not the only one in the family who runs this business. She competes with alejandrina Guzman Salazar, another daughter of the drug dealer, who does the same thing on Chapo 701.

A TV ad on VH1 is looking forward to Ms. El Chapo’s reality show. On the prow of a luxury white yacht, the Colonel wore a smile, white clothes and sunglasses, covering half of his face. “When the boss calls you, you can’t refuse,” says one of the protagonists, Michael Corleone Blanco, the youngest son of Griselda Blanco de Trujillo, a Colombian drug dealer. Welcome to the cartel crew, they announced. “She’s a real American, loyal to her man,” Blanco added. These days, the U.S. Department of justice will assess his loyalty to one of the most powerful drug traffickers who brought hundreds of tons of drugs to the United States.

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