Vaccine Diplomacy Has Strengthened The Partnership Between Mexico And Argentina

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

The governments of Mexico and Argentina are working to strengthen their partnership with axis and take diplomatic action, focusing on the management of the covid-19 vaccine. Argentine President Alberto fern á ndez, who began his visit to Mexico on Monday, will discuss a plan with Mexican President Andr é s Manuel L ó PEZ Obrador to strengthen cooperation in the production, packaging and distribution of different doses of drugs, according to the Mexican Foreign Ministry. The visit, however, took place in Buenos Aires last Friday in the wake of an influential vaccination scandal in which Lopez Obrador tried to lead regional initiatives at this stage of the fight against the epidemic.

The two presidents will hold a private meeting to discuss some core issues on the bilateral, regional and multilateral agenda. The priority now is the strategy for the distribution of vaccines, not only in Mexico and Argentina, but also in other countries in the region, as well as economic recovery. The government of L ó PEZ Obrador, who holds a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council and serves as the interim president of the community of Latin American and Caribbean States (ECLAC), led a U.N. anti drug campaign against “drug hoarding” in the most developed countries last week. In this way, it seeks to gain international influence and, to that end, strengthen its allies in Latin America. The affinity between political programs makes Argentina the preferred partner for the program, despite the uneven fight against coronavirus. In view of the good performance of the Fernandez government, Mexico is one of the countries with the largest number of deaths. The death rate may exceed 300000 and the GDP will drop to 8.5% of last year.

On these premises, the visit marks a milestone in trade and political relations between Argentina and the second largest Latin American country. But the coronavirus vaccine has also cast a shadow over visitors. Argentina’s president has been hurt by the Ministry of health’s “VIP vaccination” scandal. Lopez Obrador seems to be interested in it.

This week, the president of Mexico hoped that his defense minister, Luis Sandoval Gonz á lez, would recover soon. He took the opportunity to launch a project that might be related to Peru. Considering what happened in Buenos Aires in the past two days, the project will be in full swing in Alberto fern á ndez. Lopez Obrador said the defense minister “has not been vaccinated in secret or in public, as in other countries, where even the highest levels have been vaccinated in secret, they and their families.”.

Argentina’s health minister, gin é s Gonz á lez Garc í a, had to resign on Friday as he secretly vaccinated like-minded politicians, family and friends. Some beneficiaries of the VIP vaccination, such as vice president Eduardo Valdez and Senator Jorge Tayana, were removed from the convoy during Fernandez’s trip to Mexico.

For some reason, Lopez Obrador gave up at the last minute accompanying Alberto Fernandez to visit the lyomonte laboratory in Mexico on Monday, where the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, the active ingredient of which is produced in Argentina by Hugo Sigman’s mabxience society, had to be packaged. The deal was funded by a foundation of tycoon Carlos Slim.

Fernandez was received by Mexican Prime Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who will visit the facilities in lyomont alone. But on Tuesday, he will join the president of Mexico in one of his famous “mornings,” a long, almost daily press conference for Lopez Obrador to begin the day. This is a manifestation of sincerity, highlighting the willingness of the leaders of the two countries to find a common path in the face of Latin American political and diplomatic challenges (starting with the thorny Venezuelan issue and then with the new US government) and in strengthening trade relations.

Argentina needs investors. Alberto fern á ndez will try to convince a large group of Mexican businessmen that Argentina’s economy has suffered a lot and can provide an advantage. There will be three meetings, each with 10 entrepreneurs to keep the right distance, and the meeting will be held at the hotel where intercontinental president Fernandez lives. Argentina’s president will also have a private dinner with Carlos Slim, one of Mexico’s most important businessmen and one of Latin America’s richest people.

Fernandez traveled to Mexico as president elect in November 2019 in a plane owned by Lionel Messi, his first international destination after winning the election. However, this is the first visit to the United States by a representative of Argentina in nearly a decade. Strengthening this regional partnership will also help to free Lopez Obrador from the national agenda of a non-stop war. Tomorrow, hours before the House debate on a controversial power sector reform that reinforces a state-owned enterprise, the federal electric Commission, against private initiatives, he will compare with his opponents. The plan has drawn criticism from the private sector and the opposition, and according to some experts, it poses a threat to foreign investment.

The visit also took place in a crucial week to identify the most controversial candidates in June’s mid-term elections, which will re elect 15 of Mexico’s 32 federal entities and Congress. L ó PEZ Obrador has been questioned for supporting a politician accused of rape, Felix Salgado macedonio, in running for the Guerrero state government, including in his government and some parts of his party. The president rejected what he called a “lynching campaign” and tried to reverse criticism by accusing opponents and the media. Fernandez’s visit now allows him to change the focus of the agenda in a few days.

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