United Airlines Will Withdraw 24 Boeing 777S After A Failed Flight In Denver

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

United Airlines will ground 24 Boeing 777-200 aircraft in Denver, Colorado on Saturday. A plane took off from the city’s International Airport and flew to Honolulu, Hawaii. A few minutes later, an engine failure occurred, causing the plane to lose parts that landed in residential areas. No injuries were reported to the ground or 231 passengers and 10 crew members. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation and ordered an emergency inspection.

According to the Washington Post, United Airlines said it would temporarily withdraw its aircraft from the fleet for the sake of “prevention” and is working with investigators to determine any further preventive measures. In a statement, Steve Dickson, director of the Federal Aviation Administration, pledged that the Boeing 777 equipped with the PW4000 engine of Pratt & Whitney “may be retired.”. Dixon reported that early research results showed that there was a problem with the special hollow fan blades of this engine model, which was specially used for Boeing 777 aircraft. United Airlines is the only airline in the United States to use the engine, Reuters reported.

The Boeing 777-200 is the largest aircraft in use since 1990. According to the company’s data, there is less than one major accident per million aircraft, which is the lowest accident rate of any large commercial aircraft, the Washington Post reported.