Trump Lost His Last Lawsuit In The Supreme Court, And He Had To Give His Financial Information To Prosecutors.

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

After Donald Trump lost his presidential immunity, the main threat in the legal vision was Cyrus Vance’s long and extensive investigation led by the prosecutor’s office in Manhattan. On Monday, the former president suffered a major setback in the case, rejecting the latest attempt by Supreme Court lawyers to conceal his financial records: Trump’s accountants had to hand over his tax returns and other documents required by the New York prosecutor’s office. The investigation has been delayed for four months due to trump’s refusal to provide information. Prosecutor Vance tweeted to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling in three words: “work continues.”.

The exact scope of the prosecutor’s office’s investigations remains a mystery, as they are protected by the confidentiality of grand jury proceedings. Of all the judicial cases pending after Trump’s departure, prosecutor Vance’s case is currently the only criminal investigation into trump, first investigating the payment of two women who were said to have been declared legal expenses during the 2016 presidential campaign, So they won’t tell them what kind of sexual relationship they had with the presidential candidate. But there are more and more investigations. In documenting the fight for Trump’s tax return, Vance’s team talked about “widespread and persistent criminal acts in Trump’s organization” and suggested investigating various potential financial crimes, From insurance fraud to tax evasion to bank fraud.

More than a year ago, prosecutors asked Trump’s accountants to provide financial information since 2011. Last July, the Supreme Court rejected the argument that prosecutors could not investigate the current president. But he told trump that he could try to challenge the prosecutor’s request that any citizen receive the same protection as a malicious lawsuit. The president’s legal team did, but their arguments were rejected in the first and second trials. Then they went to the Supreme Court, which again proved it to prosecutor Vance.

In his first presidential campaign in 2016, trump promised to publish his tax returns. But, on the contrary, once in the White House, he tried every means to prevent the information from being exposed. With the grand jury’s secrecy, it’s not clear whether giving the documents to the prosecutor’s office necessarily means that the public can see them. However, in the battle in court, the New York Times released a series of exclusive information after obtaining Trump’s 20-year tax returns, revealing that trump did not pay income tax in 11 of the past 18 years, and that he did not pay income tax in the past 18 years 2016 is the same as 2017.

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