Israel Will Pay For The Vaccine For The Release Of A Cross-Border Jewish Girl From Syria

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

Last Thursday, two Syrian prisoners exchanged with a Jewish girl who voluntarily entered Syrian territory, hiding a secret clause. The Israeli government has promised to pay for the delivery of hundreds of thousands of doses of kovid-19 vaccine to Syria. Syria has been technically at war with Syria for 70 years. This is an agreement negotiated under the mediation of Russia. On Sunday, the Arab newspaper Asharq al awsat, published in London, published an unusual agreement between the enemies, which was denied by Damascus’s state media and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Although it was banned by military censors for national security reasons, the Hebrew media on Sunday regarded it as an open secret.

The vaccine has entered the geopolitical game completely. As the most advanced country in immunization, more than one third of Israel’s population has received double vaccination, and Israel seems to be forced to pay an extra ransom. This is a 25-year-old ultra orthodox settler from the West Bank who has a record of extensive infiltration attempts behind the border between the Gaza Strip and Jordan, according to the malif daily. He said he had friends and relationships there because he was proficient in Arabic. In view of her apparent emotional instability, after her return to Israel through Moscow, the social services took over her as she crossed the Golan Heights, one of the most watched boundaries in the world.

Hebrew media estimated that it would cost at least US $1.2 million (990000 euros) to deliver about 500000 doses of Russian made satellite V vaccine to Syria. “None of Israel’s vaccines were used for this purpose (exchange prisoners),” Netanyahu evaded this point when asked by reporters. So far, Israel’s Ministry of health has used only Pfizer biotech vials, although it has modern laboratory reserves and is waiting for AstraZeneca to take over. “We brought that young girl back, and I don’t want to say anything more at the explicit request of Russia,” the prime minister said. Sana’a, the Syrian state news agency, denies that the delivery of the vaccine is part of the agreement, which is much simpler.

After the content of the secret clause was revealed, a fierce dispute broke out in Israel. The media reacted angrily to military censorship on a strict humanitarian issue that has little to do with national security. In less than two years, in the fourth legislative movement on March 23, the prime minister used all the leverage in his political interests to take unusual and rapid action against the young Jew – two Israeli prisoners, an Ethiopian Jew and a Bedouin in Gaza, For more than five years, this event has touched the deepest part of society.

Hundreds of thousands of vaccines were sent to Syria, while nearly five million Palestinians received only a few thousand bottles of vaccines, so they could start immunization campaigns in Gaza and the West Bank, which also met the demands of Parliament. “I have long asked dese to transfer the vaccine from the Israeli stockpile to the Palestinian population,” Ahmed Tibi, a member of the United list (League of Arab political parties), tweeted. “Do I have to wait for a Jew to enter the strip? We’re all in the same fashion zone! “Now, in the Middle East, the vaccine gap between the rich and the poor is more serious than the conflicts faced by neighboring countries before,” the congressman, a medical professional, stressed.