Heavy Snow From Houston To Athens

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

This week, a strong cold wave swept through Texas and took over the front page of the newspaper. He did so because of its dramatic consequences. Many of them are related to the problem of power supply, which is a matter of life and death. This is due, among other things, to the unusual nature of the event, which is so cold that it has never been recorded in 30 years. This is an important fact. Extreme weather events always occur with a certain frequency, and you have to be prepared for the worst. It is at this point that climate change has played a role in destroying the natural balance of our planet, making these extreme events far more frequent than they should be. It has been well known for many years that the harmful effects of heat wave or cold wave on the energy sector have been a problem that we have warned in scientific work in the past.

The cold wave in Texas is caused by the displacement of the polar vortex. In a very crude way: the polar air of our planet is usually confined to this area, which is more intense if winter is appropriate. At this time of the year, it tends to become less stable, with eddies moving further south with the air in the northern hemisphere. We know that climate change makes it easier to move south. That’s why you can go deep into areas like Texas that you’re not used to.

All this has to do with the fact that the polar regions are warming twice as fast as the rest of the earth, Make the jet – an air stream that helps to separate polar air quality from other air – more meandering, because there is not so much temperature contrast between the poles and our latitudes.

In Athens, we also see that the temperature this week is similar to that in Texas, with the lowest temperature of about – 18 degrees below zero. The Acropolis of Nevada has never been seen since 2008. The consequences are less serious, but they also include deaths and power supply problems. The reason is similar to Texas: the polar vortex. A few years ago, something similar happened in Europe, affecting Spain. The difference is that this time in the Iberian Peninsula, we were not affected. The jet stream swept the whole earth from north to south. In this case, most parts of the peninsula were affected by less cold.

One may wonder whether the cold of Philomena is related to the mechanism of polar vortex. The answer is yes, No. a few weeks ago, the cold on the Peninsula may or may not be related to climate change, which is what the ongoing research will say, but considering the atmospheric conditions at that time, the connection with stratospheric conditions will be amazing, The vortex depends on it.

All in all, we have signs that the weather associated with these cold waves is becoming more frequent, and we know that climate change affects eddies and jets, which are becoming more unstable. In addition, these cold waves are expected to be more frequent and intense, and are related to abrupt weather changes at our latitudes. We have to be prepared.

< cw-6 > similarly, this phenomenon depends largely on the behavior of our planet’s stratosphere. There is evidence that it is much more affected by climate change than we thought at that time. We are just beginning to fully understand most of the phenomena of climate change. Given its relevance, more needs to be done to understand it, because this cold wave may be meaningless compared to all the consequences of the climate crisis tsunami.

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