Argentina’S Health Minister Loses Influence Over Vaccination Scandal

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

“I was vaccinated yesterday.” It’s the start of the biggest scandal in Argentina so far over the covid-19 vaccination program: a VIP vaccination room at Argentina’s Ministry of health headquarters is vaccinating privileged people with good contacts. One of the senior journalists, Horatio webitzki, revealed this. In an interview, wibitsky said he called his “old friend” and health minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia to find out where he could get the vaccine. After he was taken to a public hospital, a secretary of the minister called him and asked him to be subpoenaed at the Ministry of health. On Thursday, he received the first dose of sputnik-5 there, and they didn’t wait for their turn as legislators, union members and others close to power. The confession triggered a wave of denials, forcing Gonzales Garcia to resign.

At 3 p.m., President Alberto Fernandez decided to ask the minister to stand aside. The official announcement has been delayed for several hours. In an open letter, Gonzalez Garcia said: “Mr. President of Argentina, in accordance with your explicit request, I now resign.”. So far, the holder of the health portfolio has attributed the “inadvertent confusion” in his private Secretariat to the subpoena of the Ministry to receive Sputnik v. nevertheless, he has taken responsibility for the “mistake”. The name of his replacement has not yet been released, but local media expect Carla vizzotti, the current health minister, to succeed him as one of the most eye-catching faces in the official coronavirus strategy.

Verbitsky’s story spread rapidly in the media and social media, accompanied by severe condemnation of the minister and a request for resignation. “I called my old friend, gines Gonz á lez Garc í a, who had known him before I became a minister and told me that he had to go to Posada hospital,” the 79 year old reporter told Destape radio. “As I was about to go, I received a letter from your secretary telling me that a team of vaccinators would come from the hotel to the Ministry of health and they would go to the Ministry of health to vaccinate me,” he continued.

The opposition called what happened a “national disgrace.”. “Vaccines are purchased with the efforts of all Argentines who pay taxes, and the Minister of health distributes them as his own property. It’s a national shame that vaccines are power friends like verbistky. Patricia bullrich, the pro party chairman of former president Mauricio Macri, tweeted: ‘it’s already worth the sanctions.’. Congressman Waldo wolf held a pan meeting on Sunday to express “anger at the powerful countries and their friends who do not care about the health of the most vulnerable Argentines.”.

Weibitsky’s confession also had other effects on the government. Vice President Eduardo vald é s and Senator Jorge Taiana, who are close to Fernandez, will not accompany the president on an official visit to Mexico because they are part of the list of people vaccinated under the established protocol. “I will never get vaccinated from anyone, all I do is because I went to Mexico City and I think I have to get vaccinated,” Valdes said in a radio statement. The congressman said he was also vaccinated at the Ministry of health.

The reporter has been banned and criticized by staff of the center for legal and Social Studies (cels), the leading authority. Cels staff said: “we have received news that the chairman of our organization is vaccinated outside the established system through a series of favors and personal identities, and we, like others, are trying to fight for a shift for the elderly in our family.”. Progress in Argentina’s vaccination programme has been slow due to delays in the agreed dose. In Buenos Aires, the shift system over the age of 70 launched on Friday collapsed due to demand.

Argentina’s Ministry of health scandal broke out a few days after Peru’s “vaccination”. It is an institutional crisis. It is reported that more than 400 politicians, including former President Martin biscara, received covid-19 vaccine before health workers. In Chile, its successful vaccination campaign has also been undermined by violations. About 37000 people under the age of 60 take their medicine without chronic diseases.

In Argentina, mayors, legislators and political activists have been vaccinated in different provinces of the country in recent days, although they are not part of the priority group. So far, more than 2 million people in Argentina have been infected with covid-1950, 857 people died.