Biden Said At His First International Summit: “America Is Back”

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

In his first major international speech since taking office on Friday, US President Joe Biden stressed his return to cooperation with Europe after the isolationist transformation of Donald Trump’s government. “The United States is back,” he announced at the virtual security conference in Munich, which reunited him with his European allies. Biden also warned of the risks facing democracies – “in many places, including the United States and Europe, the democratic process is under siege,” he stressed, calling for a crackdown on China’s “economic abuse and coercion.”.

Biden is an old friend of the Munich forum, where he played a role in his long career as vice president of Barack Obama’s Administration (2009-2017) and before that as a U.S. senator. However, the speech he reviewed on Friday was his most recent speech in 2019, when, as a “predecessor”, he served as head of government with leaders such as Donald Trump, promising: “the United States will come back, no doubt.” Two years later, the new president said through a video conference with satisfaction, “I am a man who keeps his word. America is back. ”

The change of foreign policy from Biden era to trump era can be summed up in a few words: from the sacred and symbolic “America first” of the Republican Party to “America is back”, which does not fall from the lips of his Democratic successor. The reality seems more complex. Washington has yet to lift the tariffs imposed by its predecessor on European products. There are differences in tone and strategy in dealing with Beijing and Moscow, and it views it as a serious escalation of dictatorship. Both ideas were put forward in a speech on Friday, his first address to an international audience since he became president of the United States.

“The transatlantic alliance has come back, and we will not look back,” Biden stressed in front of French President Emmanuel Malone and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who have been criticized by trump over the past four years and are skeptical of Europe. Biden insisted that the United States was “fully committed” to NATO, an organization that Republicans denounced. In fact, the Democrat recalled that for the first time, the coalition resorted to Article 5, which called for action if any ally was attacked, after the September 11 attacks on the United States. Biden also said the country was “determined to re-establish ties with Europe.”. He believes that this partnership is based on common democratic values and must be transformed into a firm hand in the face of authoritarian impulses in different parts of the world.

“In many places, including the United States and Europe, the democratic process is in trouble,” he warned “Our cooperation has been maintained and developed over the years because it stems from the richness of our common democratic values. They are neither transactional nor abstract, “he stressed. The U.S. president warned that the crisis and other structural challenges brought about by the fourth industrial revolution put countries at a “turning point” for those who believe that “dictatorship is the best way forward” and those who believe that “dictatorship is the best way forward” They believe that “democracy is the best way to deal with challenges.”.

China is at the center of the challenges identified by the United States. If trump emphasizes trade imbalance, Biden will usually emphasize violations of rights and freedoms, but he will not forget what he thinks is unfair economic competition. Washington and Beijing are going through the most difficult period in their relations in decades. This multifaceted crisis transcends the change of government. “We must work together to prepare for a long-term strategic competition with China,” the current president warned on Friday, continuing.

The United States believes that a firm attitude towards Xi Jinping’s regime will not necessarily lead to the “East West” bloc policy during the cold war, nor will it necessarily prevent cooperation in key global crises such as coronavirus or climate change. But his tone towards the Asian giant is not easy. At the summit, he called for a reversal of “economic abuse and coercion by the Chinese government, which have undermined the foundation of the international economic system.”. “Everyone should play under the same rules,” he stressed.

He also aimed at Moscow. “Putin is trying to weaken our transatlantic alliance, because the Kremlin is more likely to attack and threaten countries individually than to negotiate with a unified alliance.” In this regard, he continued, “Russian leaders want people to think that our system is more corrupt, or as corrupt as theirs,” he condemned, “but the world knows it’s not true, including the Russian citizens themselves.” He also attended the G7 summit an hour ago, and Washington still does not want to invite Moscow to attend. The first multilateral conference in Biden era was held on the same day that the Paris Convention officially returned. The United States has changed, but its main front is still China and Russia.