A Sudanese Denied Asylum Shot And Killed The Head Of A French Refugee Center

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

On Friday, a 38 year old Sudanese immigrant killed a person in charge of an asylum seeker center in the southwestern French city of Bo with a knife. The attacker was repeatedly denied asylum applications, suppressed by the center staff, and soon arrested by the police. Investigators ruled out a terrorist attack.

“It’s a terrible drama,” said Paul mayor Francois bellou. “What’s more shocking is that the victims are committed to helping these refugees.”

Interior minister Gerald damanin visited the refugee center where the attack occurred and defended France’s “mission” to host refugees and its right to expel immigrants with criminal records, such as Paul’s attackers. Damanning called on far right politicians who use crime to criticize the government’s immigration policy “not to mourn for Paul, the country and unity on this day.”.

Jordan bardella, a member of the European Parliament of the far right national regroup party, tweeted that “the hospitality to the whole planet has seriously damaged the security of the French” and called for a moratorium on immigration.

The incident occurred at 1100 hours when the aggressor arrived at the Isard cos association where he used to live. He asked to see the victim in the office, where he was stabbed in the chest. “The screams reminded the staff that they immediately informed the police,” Agence France Presse quoted Pau prosecutors as saying.

The victim was a 46 year old father who worked in a refugee center at the age of 12. According to minister damanning, the aggressor arrived in France from Sudan in 2015, and the French agency for the protection of refugees and stateless persons (ofpra) rejected his first asylum application, but the judiciary allowed him to stay on French territory.

Later, he was jailed for fighting with a gun. After his release, the Ministry of the interior called twice to inform him that he had to leave the country, but there was no reply.

Damanning added that the aggressor was waiting for a third summons, recalling his instructions at the foreign ministry that undocumented and convicted foreigners must leave France. “Since she has to leave the national territory,” the minister added, “of course she came, but if there is a reason, the prosecutor will have an opportunity to elaborate on the reason.”