The Ministry Of Justice Of Belarus Has Condemned The Arrest Of Two Journalists During A Protest Against Lukashenko

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

A Belarusian Court on Thursday sentenced reporters Katrina andreyeva and Darya churzova to two years in prison after they were arrested on November 15 when they reported anti-government demonstrations on the opposition bersat channel. “Journalists Daria chultsova and Katerina Andr é EVA were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment. The decision was made by judge Natalia buguk of the Minsk district court,” the Belarusian Journalists Association (BAJ) said in its cable account. As a result, the judge met the request of prosecutor Alina kasianchik, who accused the female journalists of belsat, a belsat satellite TV channel based in Poland, of organizing and preparing “serious disturbance of public order” during the protest against President Alexander Lukashenko last year November.

“Do you understand the verdict? Asked the judge. “Why are they doing this? According to the independent portal, the two young women answered in unison Tutankhamun Yeah. On November 15, churzova, 23, and andreeva, 27, broadcast live for more than five hours in an apartment in the so-called “square of change” area. The protest broke out a few days before the death of artist Roman Bondarenko, He died after being beaten by masked security forces.

Dozens of arrests took place in the square on November 15, with a graffiti man appearing in the image of two thugs who held an official rally before the fraudulent election in August. Last August, Soviet rock singer Viktor Tsoi’s song “changes” was a tribute to the post Victorian insurgency. After security forces cleared the square, they entered the apartment where the two journalists were recording and arrested them.

Prosecutors said the actions of the two journalists led to the shutdown of 13 bus lines, three trolley bus lines and three tram lines, and the loss to the state-owned Minsk trans company was estimated to exceed $4400. according to Tutankhamun The reporter’s family compensated for the loss, and the public company withdrew the civil action. The two rapporteurs were held in pretrial detention for more than three months, and human rights groups admitted that they were political prisoners.

After churzova and andreeva knew the verdict, they were locked in the iron cage during the whole trial process, forming a “V” shape with their fingers to show victory. In the last sentence on Wednesday, both reporters denied their crimes and believed they were acquitted. “I didn’t do anything illegal. All the materials collected prove my innocence. I’m looking forward to a fair and innocent verdict, “churzova said, while andreeva said she was” put in prison “for a” fabricated “case, according to the Belarusian human rights organization visner. “I don’t ask, I ask them to pardon me, release me and my colleagues (…) and hundreds of political prisoners,” he said.

“This is an absurd situation,” Sergei zikratsky, the journalist’s lawyer, said after the verdict. During the trial, lawyers argued that there was no Internet in Minsk on the day of the live broadcast, and the protestors could not watch the live images, so neither side could appeal to the square. None of the witnesses summoned by the prosecution said at the hearing that the reporter’s action led to Belarusians gathering in the square.