Ted Cruz Flew To Cancun During The Texas Crisis: “Our Children Want To Travel, I Want To Be A Good Father.”

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, returned to the United States on Thursday after a dispute over his escape from canc รบ n, Mexico, where millions of citizens have been without water and electricity for four days because of temporary power problems. A few days ago, Cruz encouraged people to “stay safe at home and hug their children.” on Wednesday, Cruz and his family went to Mexico’s famous resort. After a series of criticisms, the Republican politician explained in a statement that his daughters wanted to travel with their friends and that he accompanied them and planned to come back the next day.

“The school was cancelled for a week, and our daughters wanted to travel with their friends. “I want to be a good father. I accompanied them on the plane last night and I’ll be back this afternoon,” the senator explained in a statement “My team and I are constantly communicating to find out what’s going on in Texas. We want electricity and water to be restored and our house to be warm, “he added.

Texas is suffering from an unprecedented brief snowfall and cold in the region. According to poweroutage, 500000 households still have no power supply, although power outages have been greatly reduced on Thursday. The freezing of generators has been combined with a reasonable increase in demand and has sparked some unusual images, such as people on the street warming themselves with bonfires. The day before he left Cancun, Cruz asked people not to take risks and to stay in “safe homes.”.

Criticism and ridicule have caused a stir on social media. The Texas Democratic Party asked the senator to resign, calling him the “enemy” of the state. “It’s not surprising that Ted Cruz flew to Mexico and Texas died in the cold, but it’s really disturbing and disappointing,” training chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said. Hinojosa explained that Cruz is “the symbol that Texas Republicans have become: weak, corrupt, incompetent and selfish politicians who don’t care about the people they represent.”.