Rush Limbaugh Died, An Inflammatory Mentor For Conservative Radio

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Rush Limbaugh, the country’s leading radio presenter and a key figure in the radicalization of conservatism, died of lung cancer on Wednesday at the age of 70. Since 1988, with the cunning of a political animal and the arrogance of an extremist, he has addressed more than 15 million Americans on his lashlimburg show every week. Limbaugh, the spiritual son of Ronald Reagan and a personal friend of Donald Trump, is considered a reference figure for conservative radio. For those who gape at his brutal crimes and conspiracy theories, he is the most dangerous man in America.

At 16, he hosted his first show on a local radio station in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Under the pressure of his parents, he went to college, but dropped out in the second semester. Before he settled in New York in 1988, he was lucky on broadcasters all over the country. The Reagan Administration just repealed a rule requiring radio programs to express opposite views on the issues under discussion, a change that allowed Limbaugh to move forward without hesitation until the barrier to decency was broken. One example is the “AIDS news” section, when Dion Warwick’s song sounded, she laughed at those who died of AIDS, I will never love them so much. Then he took her away and apologized.

His inflammatory remarks about feminists, African Americans, Muslims, homosexuals and so on led him to build an empire in the field of communication and entertainment. Their audience calls themselves dittoheads, and their freelance translator will be a person who agrees with the idea expressed, and they don’t question it. This is Limbaugh, who said in 2015 that smoking was a myth, assured scientists during the 2017 hurricane season that the alert was in response to some hidden climate agenda, and claimed in December that Joe Biden won the election unfairly. “We will not be as docile as we used to be, we will continue to wait for the next election,” he insisted.

The host has a special style. No company, no script, he yelled for three hours. More than once, his insults caused him trouble. The most serious one occurred in 2012, when she called Sandra fleck “prostitute” and “prostitute” because she supported the inclusion of free access to contraceptives in Barack Obama’s health plan. “Miss frock and the other women, that’s the deal. If we’re going to pay for your contraceptives and then pay you to have sex, we want something in return. I’ll tell you. We want you to put sex videos on the Internet so we can see them, “the announcer said on more than 600 broadcasters.

Last February, Limbaugh told his audience that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and that his characteristic energetic and light voice was heard, calm and uncomfortable. The day after the news came out, then president trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of freedom in his last state of the Union address, which is the highest citizen honor that the United States can obtain. The Republicans applauded wildly. Democrats don’t believe it. Someone left the house hall.

Limbaugh’s death prompted trump to give his first interview since leaving the White House on January 20. The Republican contacted Fox News by telephone, praising his friend as “a guide with the ability to see the truth.”. He did not miss the opportunity to adhere to his groundless theory that he had won the election. “Rush thinks we won, and I think we won a lot,” the former president said at his home in Lago, Florida.

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