Maduro Announced Venezuelan Medical Staff And Chavesmo Equipment Vaccinated

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Venezuela received the first 100000 Russian satellite V vaccines over the weekend in response to the coronavirus epidemic. President Nicolas Maduro announced that he would start the vaccination process with medical staff and Chavez activists from Thursday, he said, They will “protect the people on the street” Vaccination priorities will also include members of the Bolivarian institutions: military and political personnel in senior government, members of official political parties, governors, mayors and police. The announcement angered many opposed citizens and political actors.

Maduro said at a press conference that he did not rule out agreeing to private purchases of vaccines as an alternative to official channels, adding that he expected Venezuela to begin the mass vaccination process in April. “We have approved the satellite V vaccine because our scientific research has proved that it is completely safe.” He added that he and his wife, cilia Flores, would be vaccinated “as much as possible.”.

Julio Castro is a famous medical epidemiologist and physician in the United States. He is one of the most authoritative spokesmen for analyzing the pandemic trend. He reported that under the covax mechanism of the Pan American Health Organization, the resources used to pay for the first part of the vaccine, They have to have “four to six weeks.”. Opposition leaders close to Juan Guido and members of the chavista government have been very careful to reach an agreement to facilitate the arrival of drugs, regardless of the serious differences between the two trends. “We’ve given everything we have to, we’re just waiting for the Bank of England to come up with $300 million for the vaccine,” Maduro commented

The Venezuelan President made these statements at a press conference at the Miraflores palace, where he talked about other issues related to Venezuela’s political, economic and immigration crisis, as well as some controversial situations related to his administration. Among other things, Maduro said he did not mind that the European Union did not recognize his government, and although he no longer recognized Juan Guido as president, he still gave priority to contacting him. “From the heart: we don’t care what they say in the EU. That’s what Venezuelan institutions are like. We go beyond false recognition (…) we have embassies and consulates in Europe, which are the starting point of dialogue. ”

He also said he was still waiting for signs that the new US administration, Joe Biden, would start a political dialogue on the basis of “mutual respect.”. Asked about President Ivan Duke’s recent announcement to grant temporary protection status to 1.7 million Venezuelans who have joined the country in the past four years, Maduro called the measure a “hoax.”. “Six million Colombians in Venezuela have full rights. They are welcome, they have jobs, they have health care, they never need this kind of nonsense. Duke is doing these ads to wash his face, because he is the main aggressor of Venezuela. ”

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