“Mitch Is A Corrupt, Gloomy Politician,” Trump Told The Republican Leader In The Senate

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

The Republican battle for the future has begun. The main figure of one group is former president Donald Trump, and the other is Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate. He is the most powerful conservative in Washington in recent years. In the era of trump, he provided power and brake for the tycoon’s political agenda. The 78 year old Kentucky Senator acquitted trump in an impeachment trial Saturday, but delivered a devastating speech to the former president accusing him of attacking the Capitol. Trump responded in a statement on Tuesday that he was a “corrupt, arisco, sad and sad politician” and promised that they would never win the support of leaders like him again.

This article expresses the anger of those twitter messages that have now been suppressed on social media and have disappeared. Instead of responding to McConnell on twitter on Saturday afternoon, he delayed it for three days, which surprised him. Trump thinks McConnell has lost the Republican majority in the house of Lords. On January 5, the Democratic Party successfully won two seats in conservative strongholds, such as South Georgia, and won the Senate by 50-50, which means that the de facto Democratic Party controls, because vice president Kamala Harris has the right to vote with equal votes.

“The Republican Party will not win again, it will not be respected, it will not be strong, and it will be at the helm of” leaders “such as Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell’s dedication to consistent politics, he lacks foresight and knows that, “His ability and personality will soon transform him from majority leader to minority leader, which will only get worse,” trump said in a statement.

McConnell, one of the most senior senators in the Capitol building, has been in Kentucky since 1985 and was re elected in the last election on November 3, which won him the post before 2026, when he was 83 years old. So he is a fearless politician. In 2015, when Republicans regained control of the Senate, he became the leader of a strong Republican majority in the house of Representatives. As a result, he became the front line for the Obama administration and trump himself, who provided public funding for the construction of the wall with Mexico. He is proud to be called “death” because he killed the Democratic Party’s law.

Trump was silent for a few months when he instigated an election fraud to deny Joe Biden’s victory, but in December he left the tycoon and continued the attack after the attack on Congress on January 6. “These criminals hold flags, wave flags, shout loyalty to him,” he said in a Senate trial on Saturday, in which he voted not guilty of sedition.

McConnell argued that impeachment should be used to remove the president. Trump has left the White House, and he can be prosecuted by ordinary justice in criminal cases, even though he is still the president (the change of government took place on the 20th). “There is no doubt that the president has a real and moral responsibility for these events,” he added.

This Tuesday, trump hit back. He claimed that McConnell was “destroying” the Republican Senate seat, thereby “seriously damaging” the United States. He regretted supporting his last campaign for the Senate. “He begged me,” he said, without him, “I would have lost my way.” He also accused him of “Inaction” against China’s economic and military threats because his family had “important business” in China. A Taipei born female entrepreneur, who served as Employment Minister with Bush’s son, was appointed by trump as the government’s transportation minister. In January, after the attack on congress, he was a senior official who resigned in protest.

Rifeirafi reflects the great rift in Trump’s time and his difficult ending in the Republican Party. Ten House members voted to bring him to justice, and seven senators condemned him. The political trial of the president has never received so much support from his own party, even though he did not get the two-thirds majority needed to convict him. Nevertheless, trump still plays a very influential role at the grassroots level. If the Republican primary is held today, trump will win by 59% of the vote, while other names, such as Mike Pence or Nikki Haley, may sound like candidates for the 2024 presidential election, according to the politico and morning consult poll released on Tuesday.