In His First Important Speech, Draghi Outlined The Reform Of Europeanism And Environmentalism

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, dressed as a politician for the first time on Wednesday, attended the Senate to make an important speech on the situation in Italy and his reconstruction plan. This is an ambitious road map with the color of social democracy, progress and high commitment to the EU and NATO. It does not leave navigators any warning about Russia or the temptation of sovereignty of some political parties in the new majority government. The ecological aspect will be the basis for all reforms, including those in education, justice or production systems.

Mario Draghi represents his administration in the Senate for the first time. He will be the 30th Prime Minister outside the Italian Republic only if he is voted through Parliament 12 hours later. But he quickly made a request for the task. “Never in my career have I had such a strong and broad sense of responsibility.” Even he, accustomed to the accuracy of science, made mistakes in the number of epidemic diseases, but he was a little nervous at the beginning.

However, the excitement of the new prime minister’s speech is neither in the adjectives, nor in the slogan of an adviser, nor in the tone. Sometimes it is closer to the annual relationship of the central bank governor. Since Wednesday, the new executive’s epic achievement has been an accurate description, work or detailed diagnosis of the problem, and his ability to deploy the former banker to meet Italy’s challenges in the next decade. It is the country’s most ambitious reconstruction plan since the Second World War.

The goal is clear. The administrative, tax, educational, judicial and production systems must be reformed, as many of the pillars, such as tourism (14 per cent of GDP), will not be able to remain at the level they were before this health, economic and social crisis. “Some people think that getting rid of the epidemic is like re lighting the lights. But that’s not the case, “he warned. Especially on ecological issues, he quoted Pope Francis as saying, and attributed the spread of the virus to human abuse of nature: “we want to leave a good planet, not just a good coin.” Draghi called on the parties to unite – “it’s not a choice, it’s a responsibility,” he said, but he comforted them, saying it’s not giving up their identity, but thinking about common interests: “love Italy,” the leader said.

The exhibition lasted about 50 minutes, and the only question is whether an executive who hasn’t come out of the ballot box and has such a limited life expectancy – up to two years – can accomplish a task that will take at least 10 years. Italy will receive 209 billion euros from the EU recovery Fund – the largest amount – when it redesigns the flawed plans demanded by Brussels that the former government did not complete. Plan what you will invest in the next six years. The new prime minister will at least seek to lay the foundation for a plan that will allow these funds to be “not wasted”, thereby endangering the future of the next generation.

Italy, a country that has not grown for 20 years, is estimated to be 3.4% this year, which will again be lower than the European average and its population is aging. The mention of young people is the most obvious manifestation of the executive’s new epic. Synthesize your program in the background. “Sometimes I wonder if we’re doing the same thing for them, just as our parents and grandparents did for us. When we don’t do our best for school, training, university or culture, we have to ask him. When we force our young people to migrate from a country that often does not know how to evaluate merit and does not achieve effective gender equality, we have to answer this question. (…) when we increase public debt (135% of GDP), we have to answer this question. “Every Euro wasted today is an injury to future generations, depriving them of their rights,” he said.

In thanking his predecessor Giuseppe Conte for his work or talking about Italy’s sovereignty over Europe, Draghi laid the ideological foundation for his administrators through a speech interrupted only by the right wing. “Without Italy, there would be no Europe. But outside Europe, Italy is even less. There is no sovereignty in solitude. We’re just cheating ourselves. Forget what we used to be, deny what we might be. ” Similarly, with the support of Giancarlo giorgetti, Minister of economic development and No. 2 in the league, he arched his eyebrows and reiterated his commitment to the Atlantic. But there is also the “irreversible” euro “who supports the government.”. European Union Leader Matteo Salvini issued a direct warning on the European currency the day before, saying that “the only irreversible thing is death”, which is the first rift within the government. In addition, Draghi clearly pointed out the plans of world allies and warned for the first time from the Italian Parliament headquarters that when he mentioned Russia, he “violated human rights”.

On the economic front – 209 billion euros in aid – Draghi proved the end of austerity: “expansionary economic and monetary policy is needed.” In addition, the prime minister has proposed several reforms that his administration will consider if unity and “Republican spirit” are maintained.

Draghi warned that some of the reforms needed in Italy, such as the reform of the finance ministry, cannot be carried out in isolation. “The tax system is a complex mechanism, and all its parts are interconnected. “It’s not a good idea to change one tax or another,” he points out, advocating “full intervention.”. Taking Denmark’s reform as an example, Draghi elaborated it through a committee, which then worked with political parties to reduce the fiscal pressure by two percentage points of GDP. He pointed out that this applies to administrative reform as well as education reform.

On Thursday, Draghi will face confirmation from the house of Representatives, which will end the process.