Democrats Have Opened Up A New Way To Investigate Attacks On The Capitol

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Former president Donald Trump is facing a new investigation after his supporters attacked the Capitol. The NAACP sued Republicans on behalf of Democratic congressman and African American Bennie Thompson on Tuesday. In addition, Congress will set up a committee similar to the September 11 attacks on the twin towers to analyze the attacks.

After Trump’s recent acquittal in the Senate for the January 6 attacks, Democrats did not think the matter was settled. With the NAACP suing on behalf of Thompson, chairman of the House National Security Committee, the review of their actions before and during the attack on the Capitol will now enter the legal arena. The Group expects at least two more Democratic congressmen to join the legal initiative.

The lawsuit in the federal court for the District of Columbia accused trump of inciting supporters to attack the Capitol and accused him of conspiring with lawyer Rudy Giuliani to oppose Joe Biden’s election victory.

Trump’s speech shortly before the attack and what happened in Congress “are the expected and predictable climax of a well coordinated movement that interferes with the legal procedures needed to confirm [Biden’s] polling station counting,” he said Mississippi is demanding trump be convicted and pay damages. Jason Miller, Trump’s adviser, insisted in a statement on Tuesday that his client had not organized pre riot demonstrations – which he supported on social media – and that “there was no incitement or plot to incite violence in the Capitol.”.

The lawsuit, protected by the civil rights act of 1871, also brought charges against the proud boys and trustworthy members of the far right group. The Justice Department accused several of its members of being involved in the attack.

Another front against the former president will be the Independent Commission, which will set up a congressional Commission of inquiry similar to 9 / 11 to examine the “facts and causes” of the attack that killed five people, including a policeman.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote to members of Congress Monday afternoon, announcing the establishment of the “domestic terrorist attacks” Committee and “interfering in the peaceful transfer of power.”.

In addition, some congressional committees are arranging hearings to ask the heads of security agencies involved in the preparatory meetings and the response to the attacks.

In mid January, Pelosi also commissioned retired general Russell hornorey to audit the security of the Capitol. After reading the interim report, the Democratic leader on Monday warned of the need to pass an emergency bill to fund improvements in congressional security. Pelosi stressed that in the impeachment case, it is clear that what happened must be “the truth.”.

On the other hand, a group of Republicans in the house of Representatives asked Pelosi to clarify the security decision made before the riots in the Capitol on January 6 and the involvement of her office. In particular, Republicans asked why they claimed that their request for the deployment of the National Guard, made on January 4, had been rejected. Pelosi’s office said Monday that weapons Sergeant Paul Owen had not submitted an application from the National Guard to them before the siege day. In a letter to the Democratic leader, members of Congress also criticized her unilateral decision to appoint retired general hornore to review security issues.