At Least 23 People Died In The Cold Wave That Hit Much Of The United States.

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

Since the end of last week, at least 23 people in the United States have died from a rare cold wave and a series of winter storms that have hit nearly 30 states, mainly the South and central regions, the New York Times reported. Since Monday, however, more than 3 million homes and businesses still have no electricity. The temperature in Dallas, Houston and Oklahoma on Tuesday morning was the lowest since 1989.

A woman and a girl in Houston died of carbon monoxide poisoning after parking in a parking lot to keep warm, police reported. In the same city, a homeless person, a grandmother and three children died in a fire in a house without electricity. In Tennessee, a 10-year-old boy died Sunday and fell into a frozen pond with his 6-year-old sister. A tornado struck North Carolina on Monday night, killing at least three people and injuring 10 others.

As of noon on Tuesday, about 4.5 million homes in Texas were out of power as low temperatures pushed demand to record levels and generator failures left the state’s power grid unable to supply or repair. according to Power output. Houses without lights have been reduced to 3.8 million. Some cities are also short of water due to energy shortage. More snow is expected on Tuesday and later Wednesday as the South tries to recover from the biggest snowfall ever. Sub zero temperatures paralyzed businesses, some airports and the process of getting coronavirus vaccinated.

Freezing air in the Great Plains and Mississippi Valley is expected to last until the middle of this week after a storm hit the Northwest Pacific over the weekend, the National Weather Service reported. The storm brought ice and snow from Arkansas to Indiana and caused record low temperatures from Oklahoma City to Tieling, Minnesota. It is predicted that the cold wave will lead to rainfall and thunderstorms in South Florida, where there is a risk of flooding.