Lula Da Silva Fought Back In Court As Operation Rava Jato Was Dying

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

Former President Lula da Silva has won a major victory in the strategy of counterattack against operation Rava jaeto. Last week, with the support of Brazil’s Supreme Court, he continued to visit the information exchanged by prosecutors and former judge Sergio Moro in the telegram, which was stolen by a group of hackers in 2019. The news called into question the impartiality of the judge, who convicted Lula of corruption and money laundering in 2018.

In December, the Minister of the court, Ricardo Lewandowski, authorized the information between morrow and the prosecutor, which was released to the press in February. Later, the judges confirmed Lula’s right to read the full text by a vote of four to one. With this judicial victory, the defence has taken a crucial step in trying to overturn the lawsuit against the former president, not just the one signed by Sergio Moro in operation Rava JATO.

Lula summed up 13 cases, most of which involved judges morrow and Gabriella harde, who succeeded her first judge when she agreed to serve as justice minister for JAL borzonaro in 2019. The former president was acquitted of seven of them. Now, one by one, his lawyers want to deconstruct the charges against Lula in this operation, including those that disqualify her as a presidential candidate in 2018.

The idea is not just a trial to overthrow Moore’s leadership. The defence hired an investigator to X-ray the communications between the former judge and the prosecutor and proved that their aim was to increase the evidence against Lula. Lawyers also denounced the disclosure of confidential information to foreign agencies such as the U.S. Department of justice.

Lula’s team has been working with the National Institute of Criminology (Inc) on information since early February. A total of 1297 documents were exchanged through telegrams. The defense tried to get new documents.

The Supreme Court will also have to decide whether the cable against Lula can be used as a defence. “It’s a matter of another resolution,” minister levandovsky said. There is no date for judging the authenticity of the message.

The information and trials in the courts have led the Rava jaeto investigators to wage war on Brazil’s possibly lawless methods. Until 2018, critics were defeated in the narrative controversy. The move has cracked down on political corruption and won support from the public and the media, but some of the information leaked last year has begun to tarnish the reputation of lavajato and former judge Mauro.

The last day of the trial also helps to gauge the sentiment of the Supreme Court ministers towards Rava JATO. Until 2019, the 11 ministers of the court always made difficult decisions and eventually voted for the action, but this time it was not. It was also the premiere of this year’s nomination of judge kassio Nunes marques by President JAL borzonaro, who voted for Lula. Levandovsky and Marquez have been opposed to surgery, and that’s why Carmen Lucia’s vote, which she defended for Rava JATO, was a surprise at the trial. “The police have access to records [information], the judiciary has access to records, but the defense has not? Isn’t this a basic defense right? Carmen Lucia said. His oath is interpreted as a sign that the supreme ruler is no longer indifferent to Moore’s actions.

Levandovsky also said he condemned morrow’s conduct as a judge. “At least in this case, the material shows that there is an inappropriate connection between the prosecution and the judge,” he said.