Trump Trial: Mcconnell’S “Innocence” And The Dilemma Of The Republican Party

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

In the summer of 2017, when Mitch McConnell was asked how it felt to be the majority leader of the US Senate, he replied that it was “a bit like a graveyard keeper.”. “Everyone’s under you,” he explained, “but no one’s listening to you.”

A good example of black humor in Kentucky, if there is such a thing, these days, when the veteran senator, who was demoted to minority leader after the November election, is trying to save the party he devoted his whole life to, he sees how power is slipping from his fingers.

McConnell symbolizes the alliance between the old party and Donald Trump. His nose was blocked, and the courts were packed with like-minded judges, protecting a conservative social agenda that was increasingly away from public opinion from the voters. But according to the Washington Post, Trump and the senators have not talked since December 15. On January 6, in the words of an aide, McConnell was “shocked” that things were “out of control.”. He explicitly accused trump of instigating attacks on the Capitol. He said he was satisfied with Trump’s impeachment, but later he voted down Trump’s impeachment twice, saying it was unconstitutional.

On Saturday afternoon, McConnell voted “not guilty.”. A few minutes after the vote, as an example of political juggling, perhaps to dilute his position in history, the Senate issued a stern statement to trump, accusing him of “shameful dereliction of duty.”. “There is no doubt that President trump is morally and decisively responsible for the events of the day,” he said. “The people who attacked the Capitol believed that they were acting according to the will and instructions of the president,” he added, adding that impeachment was a “limited tool” designed to remove an official from the office rather than subsequently prosecute him.

To end weeks of uncertainty, McConnell announced in the morning that he would vote for Trump’s acquittal, admitting that his decision was “minimal.”. “Colleagues, as I said earlier, this is a vote of conscience,” he said in a letter to the Senate. “A lot of people asked me how to vote, so I think it’s right to announce it before the last vote,” he continued.

McConnell believes that impeachment is mainly a tool of impeachment, trump has been impeached by the ballot box. Acknowledging his “concern” over the prosecution’s argument that the acquittal of trump would set a precedent for the president’s impunity in the last few weeks of his term, But he argued that “the Constitution clearly states that once the president steps down, his criminal acts may be prosecuted.” “In view of these conclusions,” zanjaba said, “I will vote for acquittal.”

It is not clear whether the condemnation vote announced by McConnell will affect Republican senators. Even if trump is no longer in the White House, he does not have his own twitter account to testify against the traitors, and Republican senators support trump again. On Saturday, all but seven Republicans voted for acquittal. In many cases, the Republican decision masked the calculation of power. A lot of people want to stand by and wait for this to happen. The Senate split 50-50, with Democrats gaining a majority in vice president Kamala Harris’s runoff and Republicans hoping to regain a majority in the 2022 Legislative Council. Now is not the time to confront trump. Trump continues to mobilize the grassroots, and half of the Republican voters think he should continue to lead.

Ten of the 211 Republican congressmen voted for impeachment. Six of the 50 senators withdrew from the party and voted to continue the trial in the Senate. On Saturday, seven voted to condemn trump. Only two of them will face re-election in 2022. They are the historic support of a political party for the impeachment of a president like him. However, they show that despite this, the organization still refuses to break with a figure who, in a dramatic and individualistic way, has completed the radicalism that the tea party has been experiencing since its emergence at the end of the first decade of this century.

McConnell’s resignation is intended to convince some senators that he has maintained a firm leadership position for them from 2015 to January 20. Although Trump’s radical behavior caused McConnell to lose a majority of seats, and although it caused discord in his party, the senior leader knew that when trump was about to be re elected, it would be difficult for legislators to face trump openly and risk being challenged by more trump Democratic candidates in the primary election.

This is not the case with McConnell. He is 78 years old and easily won the seat again in November, and if he does, he will face another vote by 2026. But for senators, what matters is not just the majority vote in 2022, but the future of a political party, which has won only two votes in the 37 year election. Both candidates are bush.