Seven Republican Traitors

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

At the opening ceremony of the second impeachment meeting against Donald Trump on Tuesday, six Republican senators voted to sue him on the grounds that the procedure is constitutional. On Saturday, in the vote to end the political trial, they added another colleague. Finally, seven defecting Republicans broke with their party, supported the Democratic Party, and declared trump guilty of sedition on January 6.

These are seven Republican traitors:

Ben Sassi

The 48 year old Harvard and Yale graduate, who has been a Nebraska Senator since 2015, was easily re elected in November and is seen as a potential candidate for the Republican presidential candidate in 2024. He denounced Trump’s accusations of widespread election fraud in a very conservative manner and insisted that there was no reason to reject Joe Biden’s victory in the ballot box. In 2017, he wrote an article about the Vagrancy of American society. Although there is no commodity, there is no direction. A year later, he published why we hate each other and how to heal ourselves.

Lisa murkovsky

Murkowski, a 63 year old delegate from his home state of Alaska, became the first senator in 50 years to win an election with a written vote in 2010, even though he lost the primary, Thanks to a system called “writing” (a candidate does not appear on the ballot, but voters can vote by writing down his name). Then the tea party candidate was imposed. Murkovsky is one of the few Republicans to publicly demand the resignation of trump, whose supporters attacked the Capitol.

Bill Cassidy

Cassidy, a 63 year old Louisiana senator, trained doctor and recognized hepatologist, has been reelected in all elections since 2008. Despite his initial opposition, he changed his mind on Tuesday after listening to democratic prosecutors and voted for the constitutionality of Trump’s political trial. “If I were a fair jury, and one side did a good job and the other side did a bad job, I would vote for the one who did a good job,” he said, referring to the work of counselors who opposed the political career of the former president.

Mitt Romney

He is one of the most critical voices of the Republican Party against trump. Romney, 73, a Utah senator and 2012 presidential candidate, has repeatedly accused the former president of incompetence and undermining democracy. The former governor of Massachusetts is the only Republican senator. When he first impeached the then president in 2020, he thought trump was guilty because of Ukrainian conspiracy. He said his loyalty to his principles and deep religious belief had driven the most difficult decision of his life.

Suzanne Collins

As a representative of centrists or moderates, she is the only Republican senator to be re elected in 2020, and the state has won Biden’s vote. Collins, 68, who has been a Maine Senator since 1997, is one of the most senior senators in the house of Lords and believes trump incited a rebellion in Washington on January 6 last year. In the first impeachment, he voted for Trump’s acquittal. Ideologically, she is one of three Republican senators, as well as merkovsky and Shelley Moore kapito, who advocate free choice before abortion.

Patrick Toomey

Tummy, 59, a Pennsylvania Senator since 2011, announced last October that he would not run for November, when trump denounced a so-called election fraud and went to justice to defend his victory in the vote, tummy said Republicans “have used all possible legal options.” Joe Biden, he congratulated him on his election and won the election. In January, he asked trump to resign because he thought it was the best for the country after the riots in the Capitol.

Richard Burr

After ten years as a congressman, the 65 year old Bill has been a North Carolina senator since 2005, a year after he sparked a political scandal by using insider trading to sell shares before the market collapsed as a result of the flu pandemic. The lawmaker defended himself by saying that when he dropped the lawsuit, the information was public. Their vote was the only surprise, as six other Republican senators showed their letters on Tuesday as they considered constitutional procedures.