Chronology Of Riots: Six Months Of Fraud, Attacks On The Capitol And Impeachment

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

On January 6 last year, a large number of followers of former president Donald Trump attacked the U.S. Capitol building as members of Congress were preparing to finally prove Joe Biden’s election victory. The rebels tried to stop the development of a so-called massive election fraud, and no judge found any evidence, but trump and his allies have condemned it for months. On January 13, the house of Representatives passed a second impeachment against Trump’s sedition. On Saturday, the Senate acquitted the former president because he failed to obtain the two-thirds majority needed for his conviction (57 senators voted for the guilty verdict and 43 against it). Here is a chronology of the events that led to the uprising:

July 9, 2020. President trump declined to say whether he would accept the results of the November 3 presidential election. When asked about Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace, trump replied, “no, I won’t simply say yes. And I won’t refuse. ” The president has been tweeting since May that the increase in postal votes will lead to election fraud due to the epidemic, which has now begun to increase significantly.

August 17. With the opposition to the poll results, trump promised that he would lose the election only if it was manipulated. “The only way we can lose an election is if it’s in the morning, remember that,” he said at a rally in Wisconsin. In seven days, I’ll repeat that at the Republican National Convention.

September 3. The president refused to confirm that he would ensure a peaceful transfer of power. “Well, we’ve got to see what happens,” one reporter said bluntly at a White House press conference.

September 29. The first presidential debate. After a summer of racial justice demonstrations, when the host asked trump to denounce the proud boys of the white supremacist militia, the president told them: “step back and stand by”, which will become the slogan of violent militia. Trump added: “someone has to do something about Anfa and leave.” At the end of the debate, he warned of “election night chaos.”.

October 19. The president refused to denounce Canon’s conspiracy theory, saying that the Democratic Party and the progressive elite are a sect of paedophiles and Satan cannibals. “I know nothing about canon. What I hear is that they strongly oppose paedophilia, and I agree with that.” He told a TV campaign. When asked if he thought there was such a network, he replied, “I don’t know, you don’t know.”

November 1. Trump tweeted praise to a group of his followers in Texas who surrounded a Biden campaign bus on the highway with cars trying to slow it down and get out of the driveway. “I love Texas,” the president tweeted, along with an action video. “There’s nothing wrong with these patriots,” he later tweeted.

November 3. Election day. It has been known for weeks that the results will take some time to know, and that the first count is better for Republicans, who use far more votes than Democrats because of the massive increase in postal votes due to the epidemic. At noon on the fourth day, however, trump tweeted about “a great victory.”. In the three weeks after the election, he posted 550 tweets, 75% of them to question the integrity of the election. On November 3, a co-founder of the tea party set up a Facebook group called stop stealing, where they shared some often brutally manipulated lies, which are first-hand evidence of election fraud. When Facebook closed the page, it had thousands of followers who moved to other forums. The campaign began with the slogan “stop stealing.”.

November 5. For the first time since election night. “If you count in the legal votes, it’s easy for me to win,” he said. “They’re trying to manipulate the election, we can’t let it happen.”

November 7. Mainstream media think Joe Biden is the winner. The media used years of sophisticated statistical models to announce when a candidate in each state would win mathematically, and eventually nationwide. This is a time when elections are usually seen as decided, although there are still days to go before the official certification of each national authority. On the same day, Rudy Giuliani talked about election fraud at a press conference held by a gardening company in Pennsylvania. This is the first of a series of similar events by the trump team in different states, where the results have been adjusted. Former National Security Minister Michael Flynn tweeted: “this is the most serious constitutional crisis our country has ever experienced. Only when we are prepared to stand up bravely and honestly to defend our republic can we become a beacon of hope for the world.”. “This is basically a new American Revolution,” said lawyer Sidney Powell.

December 12. There are activities all over the country to stop stealing. Some people become violent. “Wow! Thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C. to stop the robbery. I don’t know, but I’ll see you! Trump tweeted.

December 19. Trump began to build supporters and encourage his supporters to hold large-scale demonstrations in the capital on January 6, coincided with Joe Biden’s election victory certification ceremony in Congress, This is the final step in officially announcing the winner of the presidential election. “It’s statistically impossible to lose the 2020 election,” the president tweeted. “A massive protest in Washington on January 6. Come on, it’il is wild! “He wrote. This is his first micro blog to post the appeal in the next few days.

January 6, 2021. In the morning, the president and his allies continued to encourage his supporters to take part in demonstrations to “stop looting.”. “Fight. “For trump,” radical congressman Marjorie Taylor green tweeted. At noon, trump addressed the crowd from a stage near the White House. He talked for more than an hour. His long speech to the masses spread all over the world: “if you are weak, you will never come back to our country, you must show strength and strength”; “we fight, we fight like the devil, if you don’t fight like the devil, you will not have a country”; “we walk along Pennsylvania Avenue, we are going to the Capitol.” He added that, as his defense lawyers reminded him at the trial, “everyone here will go to the Capitol and listen to them in a peaceful and patriotic way.” His followers even marched into the Capitol before the end of the speech. At 1300 hours, the first group of protestors overcame police resistance and forced their way into the parliament building. Soon more entrances were opened and more and more attackers entered the building. At 14:24, when the attackers stayed in Congress for more than an hour and became powerful, the president did not mention the rebellion, but attacked vice president burns on twitter. He hid in the Capitol building as president of the Senate, He must take part in the certification of the election results. “Mike burns didn’t have the courage to do what he was supposed to do to protect our country and our constitution,” trump wrote. At 1617 hours, he issued a video statement highlighting his allegation of election fraud. “You have to go home, we have to make peace. We love you, you’re special, “he told the rebels who spent more than three hours in the Capitol. 18: 01, he also tweeted: “when a sacred election victory is so rudely and aggressively taken away by the great patriots who have been unfairly and unfairly treated for a long time, such things and events will happen. Leave in peace and love. Always remember that day. “