Young Moses: “A Group Of Oligarchs Want To Take Over Haiti”

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

Since Sunday, Haiti has had two presidents. One of them is a 52 year old young man, Moyes, in his fourth year as president. The second is Joseph m é C è ne, a 72 year old judge supported by the opposition but ignored by the international community, who was sworn in in a room with no witnesses other than his Facebook account and a Haitian flag. The self appointment was accompanied by riots by violent groups who spread fear and left the busy streets of Port au Prince empty. The current president said that a coup organized by a group of families and businessmen is in progress, “they control the main resources of the country, they always shirk the president and use the streets to create instability,” he said in a telephone interview with the state at the port office Prince.

The young Moyes, the son of a businessman and tailor, insists that he will not step down until February 2022, but tensions are rising every week in the country. As experts pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, the epidemic, hurricane, and wave of violence and kidnapping have dealt a heavy blow to a population with more weapons than ever before, adding to the political crisis. At the same time, the collapse of society kept his terrible compass unchanged. While the judge declared himself president, another plane from the United States landed in Port au Prince, and 50 immigrants were deported, including 21 children. “We are witnessing the establishment of Somalia in the Americas,” scholar Ralph P. chevroy wrote in the Washington Post this week

The political roots of the conflict lie in the fierce elections in 2015. Michelle Martelli ended his term, but the chaotic election forced him to appoint an interim chairman of another party, It wasn’t until the election authorities acknowledged Moses’ victory a year later that the opposition government began from the day when Martelli stepped down and accused him of being a “dictator” in power for a year. This week, 23 people accused of conspiracy and attempted murder were arrested and tensions intensified.

“My term of office begins on February 7, 2017 and ends on February 7, 2022. I will give power to its owners, the people of Haiti. Corrupt oligarchs used to controlling presidents, ministers, parliaments and the judiciary think they can be presidents, but there is only one way: elections. I will not take part in these elections, “he said, to dispel doubts about the opposition’s accusations that he wants to stay in power. On the mastermind behind the coup, the president pointed out without quoting the wobe family: “the coup is not a one-off event, but a series of actions. So far, the government has been a puppet of the economic bloc, but this has not happened today, and our decision is very bad for those who feel strong and untouchable. A small group of oligarchs are behind the coup. They want to take over the country. ”

In the last 35 years, the first free country in Latin America, in 1803, petitioners and desalins attacked thousands of French in a few weeks with machetes, including 20 presidents, from generals to Evangelical priests. Youvenel moise was elected in 2015, promising to provide water and electricity to the whole country, when seven of the nine million Caribs without electricity were in Haiti. However, only 21% of the population participated in the election, with 600000 votes in a country of 11 million people. In the case of low support on the street and blocked by Congress, Moses has been ruling by decree for a year, which has been criticized by the international community. “It’s not true, they’re massive protests, they’re not national, they’re not. They are small groups of 30 to 50 people in Port au Prince or gonaif. People who are manipulated and violent. ”

Moses said some of the ills of Haiti’s political instability are related to the 1987 constitution, which has been proposed for reform. Haiti’s political system leaves the president and Prime Minister controlled by Congress with little power, forcing him to negotiate with ministers. Moses confirmed that the referendum would be held in April. The new text will establish the post of vice president, abolish the post of prime minister, merge the Parliament and the Senate into one chamber, and give the overseas people the right to vote and be elected. “I benefit not from the new constitution, but from the people of Haiti. “I will not run in the election,” he insisted. “The new constitution attempts to balance the three powers currently occupying the legislative power. I won the election, for example, but for 22 months I couldn’t deliver on any of my government commitments because I couldn’t even appoint my government. Another important change is about the diaspora. How can you understand that the most capable and economically powerful Haitians in the country are excluded from nation building? Today, they don’t even have the right to vote, and I hope they can elect and be elected as ministers or councillors, “he explained by telephone. Another accusation of the opposition is that it intends to continue to exist, but Moses replied, “stability is one of the main problems in the country, so if someone does well, he must be able to serve two consecutive terms of five years. But I will not run in the election, “he insisted. The constitution now allows for two periods, but not consecutive.

If one thing is clear about the president of Haiti, it is how long it will take them to stay in office until the United States gives up its thumb. For the past four years, young Moyes and Donald Trump have lived an idyllic life, mainly because of his positive actions towards Venezuela. The reaction of the chavista machine was to leak all the documents about corruption charges against the Caribbean oil company, marking the beginning of stability in the country. The group of friendly countries, including Canada, the United States, France, Spain or Brazil, supports MOI’s choice to complete the mission in 2022, but calls for the restoration of the balance of power.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to Biden personally, but the relationship with the United States is the best and I don’t think there will be any change in the future,” he said In response to criticism of recent decrees on the establishment of secret services or the criminalization of protests as terrorism, Moses said, “criticism is normal, and I understand your concern. But I have to tell you that I am trying to allay your concerns. ”

However, in addition to political issues, what scares the public is the growth and strength gained by violent groups. Kidnappings and robberies are common in the capital, and organizations like doctors without borders have to suspend consultations that only they serve nationwide, because shootings happen every day in the capital. Experts interviewed by the newspaper agreed that in a poor country, it is normal to use the weak to do dirty work and ensure their interests. That’s why we have so many guns in poor areas. When you see a man barefoot with a gun worth thousands of dollars in his hand, you will understand that they work for a criminal group. Since November, there has been a new chief of police and a specific plan. But since I came to power, we’ve been chasing gangs and powerful drug dealers who act as if the country belongs to them. We are cracking down on the whole arms trade nationwide, “the president replied.

During the political crisis, Haiti has little time to mark the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, which killed nearly 250000 people in just a few seconds. On January 11, the world turned to the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and invested unprecedented humanitarian aid. With so many international institutions, Haiti is known as the “NGO Republic.”. However, more than a decade later, the same evil reappeared. “As president of Haiti, I am sorry to say that we have lost an opportunity to build a different country. We have political instability and we don’t know how to deal with projects from international funds. But we can’t redo history, we have to start all over again. It’s hard for us, we’ve got a lot in 11 years and the results are very low

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