The U.S. Coast Guard Has Rescued Three Cubans Who Have Been Eating Coconuts On A Desert Island For 33 Days

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued three Cuban citizens trapped on Anguilla island in the Bahamas for 33 days, eating coconuts. According to him, the two men and a woman swam to their island in a boat that sank five weeks ago, until Coast Guard patrols routinely patrolled the area, saw them waving temporary flags and calling for help. The video recording the rescue was released on Thursday two days after the incident.

Lieutenant Riley Beecher said his plane was flying 500 feet when he noticed the three men, according to the New York Times. “As we approached, just above the flag, two people wildly waved their hands, trying to tell us they were in danger,” he recalled.

Helicopters rescued them on Tuesday after throwing food, water and radio from the air to establish contact, the coast guard reported. The uninhabited island is part of the Bahamas Atoll, near Cuba. As one of the channels for Cubans to leave Cuba for the United States, the Cuban authorities regularly inspect it. “Due to the routine and diligent patrols of our crew, we were able to identify people at risk and intervene,” the official said Sean Connett.

The three survivors were transferred to a medical center where their health was assessed. After inspection, they were unhurt and taken to the immigration and customs control center in Pompano Beach, Florida. There was no public statement from the survivors, and it is not clear whether they intended to arrive in the United States or were fishing at the time of the sinking.