The Combat Effectiveness Of The Five-Star Movement Supports The Draghi Government

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

On Thursday, supporters of the five-star movement (m5S) voted by a majority for a government led by Mario Draghi. The decision was made by many people who only knew who owned the platform on which they voted, which undoubtedly paved the way for the former president of the European Central Bank to go to the Chigi palace. The next few days will prove the end of the long process and the birth of the Draghi government.

The 74537 vote forced Draghi to delay communication between his future executive branch and the president of the Republic, Sergio matarera. If m5S refuses to enter the executive branch, it will be a major problem in getting rid of the crisis that Italy has been in for more than two months. He won with 59.3% of the vote and was voted down with 40.7%. It’s a major test of maturity, “said Luigi di Maio, foreign minister and former leader of the movement.

The results are closer than ever, and clearly show the divisions that are prevalent in the Greeks. Many management and activists see this as a betrayal of their anti system origins, which will help form a government where he was once Europe’s most important banker. In the next few weeks, a split could lead to a split in a large group of MPs.

The decision of m5S is the last step before the establishment of the government. Draghi has the support of all parties except his Italian brothers, George Melloni’s far right party (who may eventually abstain). The former banker now has to submit his list of ministers to the head of state. Matarella will have to approve it and take the oath of office at the kirinar palace. The process is likely to end by the end of this week and pave the way for a mandate from both chambers next Monday.

The unresolved issue is the profile of the new executives. The client thought Draghi would satisfy them with one or two wallets, depending on the weight of each. For the rest, the names related to finance and economy reserved for important ministries and commissions should be technical profiles. No one knows. The former banker left Umbria on Thursday and is due to visit matarela on Friday morning to clarify the final unknowns.