Released Saudi Activists Promise To Fight For Accountability Of Abusers

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

The prison did not bring lugain hartruhr to his knees. The Saudi activist, who was released on Wednesday after 1000 days in prison, will continue to seek justice: she wants to prove that she was tortured in detention and that her tormentors will be punished. That’s what their sisters, alias and Lina, said at a virtual press conference in Belgium, where they live. Luja was paroled and banned from talking to the media. “I was surprised that he was optimistic, and he told me that he missed going to the supermarket to buy ice cream,” aliya said.

“She was released yesterday (Wednesday) and is a person who never complains. She said she was fine, but I knew she needed time, “aliya said. Later, Lina said she hoped he would get psychological support. In photos posted on social media by the family, loujain, 31, looks slimmer and has whiter hair. “The two fasts and the conditions she suffered weakened her,” aliya admitted.

Loujain was first arrested at the end of 2014 when she tried to drive through Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates, condemning the ban on women driving in her country. Her 73 day detention made her a women’s rights activist. In May 2018, on the eve of allowing Saudi women to drive in the desert kingdom, she was arrested along with a dozen other activists, but the charges have not yet been announced. According to her family and some human rights organizations, loujain and two other women were beaten, electrocuted and falsely drowned between May and August.

“When she was in the secret prison, she told us that she was fine, and a few months later, when our parents were able to visit her, they found out that she had been tortured. I asked him yesterday, and he said, “what do you want me to do? He has an electrode in his ear, and if he says something, he’ll get an electric shock, “Lina said.

In a notorious campaign in which lujain and other activists were accused by Saudi authorities and the docile media of being “traitors”, the trial was scheduled for March 2019, but it did not begin until a year later. His case was then transferred to a criminal court specializing in terrorism and cyber security cases. At the same time, the activist filed a complaint of torture. The judge dismissed his charges on the grounds that the recording he requested was only kept for 40 days. He appealed, and the court of appeal approved the ruling on Tuesday. However, his sisters said he would not give up.

“I found that she was very determined to use all means, including Saudi Arabia’s legal system, to realize her right: it was unfair to admit that she had been tortured and imprisoned,” alias explained.

Loujain also wants his tormentors punished, but he can only recognize one person: Saudi katani, one of the closest advisers to Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. But after the assassination of journalist Jamal khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018, katani’s name appeared in public and he has disappeared.

In addition to trying to clean up their own reputation, the sisters dare not risk what lugain’s next plan is. At present, a return to radicalism is not possible, as the probation will limit his release for the next three years and will prohibit him from leaving the country for five years. He is now awaiting an appeal.

“He has a lot of plans and great ideas, but I don’t know what his priority is. He needs time. It’s too early to decide what to do.

His parents, also lawyers for lujain, were informally banned from traveling abroad. That’s why Alia, Lina and her brother Walid (trapped in Canada because Saudi authorities didn’t update their passports) didn’t return to Saudi Arabia. Leaving enabled them to run for their sister and to acknowledge that international pressure, especially Joe Biden’s election as president of the United States, had affected their sister’s ability to get out of prison after half her sentence.

“Now, we want real justice, lujain’s unconditional release, and recognition of senior officials and the media’s defamation campaign that accused her of being a traitor. We will not stop until we get full justice, “they said.