What’S Julian Assange Doing In Prison

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Australian Julian Assange, 49, the founder of WikiLeaks, launched a legal fight for freedom at the Old Bailey court in London on January 4 last year. At the gate of a high security prison in belmarsh, Southeast of the British capital, the U.S. refusal to extradite – on the grounds of health problems and the risk of suicide – has deterred exhalators. But judge Vanessa balaiser refused bail to ensure that the then US government of Donald Trump could appeal so that one day he could bring the prisoner back to his territory, where he was charged with 17 espionage charges and one computer intrusion. More than a month later, US lawyers are busy appealing to British courts, while calls for the resignation of new White House Guest Joe Biden are growing. stop it.

Among the voices fighting for Assange’s release, more than 20 organizations wrote to the U.S. Department of justice this week asking for the charges to be dropped. “The charges against Assange,” the letter said, “threaten press freedom, because many of the acts described in the charges are often committed by journalists.” The signers include Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders… But the addressee is acting attorney general Monty Wilkinson. The U.S. Senate has yet to confirm Biden’s elected judge, Merrick B. garland.

Time goes by. As with any extradition request made in the United Kingdom, the British public prosecutor’s Office (CPS) acts as some form of lawyer on behalf of the requesting state, and in this case, the United States also acts on behalf of Sweden Assange, dessert archive. In contact with the country, the PSC confirmed that the appeal had been submitted to the British High Court on January 15.

This was the first step: they reported that they had appealed against non extradition, after which prosecution counsel had one month to confirm the appeal. The US is expected to make these arguments later this week. If the judges of the court agree, the appeal will be heard by a panel of judges at a meeting without a date. Assange’s stay in prison will be extended for more than 22 months after Scotland Yard detained him for seven years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in April 2019.

If the court finally approves the extradition, Assange can appeal to the British Supreme Court or the European Court of human rights.

Like the 20 civil society and human rights groups that wrote to US prosecutor Wilkinson on Monday, lawyers, writers, Essayists and journalists urged Biden to drop the charges against the Australian. The United States appealed, though not physically, a few days before trump handed over the witness to the Democratic leader. It was during the reign of New York tycoon Jeff sessions that the charges against the Australian publisher were formally established in 2018. A large number of WikiLeaks leaks leaks – including tens of thousands of diplomatic cables involving the United States – reached the Internet during Barack Obama’s term of office. But with the Democratic Party in power, despite a public investigation into Assange, no charges have been made. People are worried about setting a bad precedent for the exercise of press freedom.

It is from this clue that Assange’s defenders and their partner, South African lawyer Stella Moris, bear the brunt. Biden, Obama’s vice president, called Assange a “high-tech terrorist” in 2010, but he didn’t comment on that – an appeal can be withdrawn at any time during the proceedings. But Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi said on Tuesday that Washington would continue to “seek extradition.”.

The lawyer team of the former hacker, led by Jennifer Robinson of Australia, is from the office of strong Street chamber of Commerce in London, He would rather be cautious than comment on Assange’s trial or his conditions – Morris complained online that the Australians had a cold because the criminals didn’t send him winter clothes. Since judge baraitser refused to extradite Assange, the defense has been preparing arguments for a possible appeal at the expense of the prosecution moving the documents.

Paradoxically, the Assange trial, related to transparency and the right to know, was very opaque. Rebecca Vincent, director of Reporters Without Borders International (RSF), acknowledged this in a telephone conversation and was one of the people who worked hard to monitor the incident. Vincent pointed out that if the appeal and extradition are successful, two things are at stake: Assange’s health and the “future” of journalism. “No journalist can be sure that he will not be prosecuted for publishing information such as WikiLeaks,” a RSF spokesman said.

Australian publisher Stella Moris, who has two children with her, has started applying online for funds to support her defense, according to reports. He has raised 62000 euros.