Jamie Ruskin, A Congressman, Was Furious At The First Impeachment Meeting

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

On the day after burying his son, representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, charged Donald Trump with thinking he was dying when a group of his followers attacked the Capitol building and “made the most disturbing noise I’ve ever heard” and stormed into the door of the house of Representatives, “just like A ram In his touching speech, he mentioned his unfortunate 25-year-old son, Tommy, who was unable to overcome the great depression, which shocked the senators and the audience who watched it on TV on the first day. In the second political trial of the former Republican president, he only held a procedural session.

Raskin was anesthetized by the pain, but devoted himself to it. He talked more about the experience of losing his son in public places, such as in a live interview with CNN shortly after the funeral, breaking the taboo surrounding Tommy’s pain – “the light in the broken world” – and normalizing the debate. “I will not lose my son in 2020 (he died on New Year’s Eve), nor will I lose my country in 2021,” he said on state of the Union address on state television on January 17, referring to the attack and impeachment process.

At noon on January 6, amid the uproar of the Capitol, Raskin recalled selval’s fear among his colleagues and colleagues. “Around me, everyone calls their husbands, husbands, relatives to say goodbye,” he said from the Senate podium on Tuesday. His daughter and son-in-law accompanied Joe Biden to confirm his identity as president, hiding under a table in another office not far from him. Maryland congressman, a former constitutional lawyer, described how he apologized to his daughter, Tabitha, just hours after the episode ended, just a few hours after “the saddest day of our lives.”. “Dad, I don’t want to go back to the Capitol,” Raskin replied when she promised to take her in a more friendly way later. “They believed (Tabitha and her husband) that they would die,” she admitted tearfully.

In front of an exciting audience, Raskin had neither sadness nor fear. He just recalled the facts with the help of a video showing the invasion of trumpista sheep. In all the pictures of violence and anger, he chose the image of a fallen policeman, while the vandals beat him with flagpoles “mercilessly and mercilessly”, as a symbol of “the police are ready to defend with their own lives”.

“Someone died that day,” the Democrat recalled. “The officers ended up with brain damage; another had a stroke and the third lost three fingers. Two others committed suicide, “he said of the victims of asonada. Among legislators, he recalled how many rushed to remove the U.S. flag badge from their lapels “so that the thugs could not identify themselves when they tried to escape.”

“Senators, this can’t be our future. This can’t be the future of the United States, “Raskin concluded in his speech. He still had a gesture to thank all his colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, for their encouragement and sympathy. Many of them had just been buried with their son on the morning of January 6 and were about to cause a storm in the Capitol.